Pentuim D overclocking?

Hi all!

Just liked to ask a couple of qeustions.
Is it really posible to overclock the pentium D 805 to 3.6GHz using a Zalman CNPS9500 Cpu Cooler? What's the temperatures you get then? How quiet is it?

Thanx in advance
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  1. Yes it's possible, but I wouldn't recommend getting a Pentium D 805; the Pentium D 915 is a better , but even then a Core 2 Duo E6300 or Athlon X2 3800+ would be a much better choice.
  2. Mine is overclocked to 3.6GHz using 1.325v and the 9500 cooler. 3.7GHz using 1.35v.

    a month ago when it was hotter my idle temp was around 49C... full dual core load would top 70C+ 8O

    now that it's cooler out, i'll idle at 42C... and i havent tested load temps yet, but i'll guess theyre around 65C.

    getting to 3.8GHz is tricky... pushing upwards of 1.5v. i havent been able to get it stable yet.
  3. I like what I'm reading!

    How hot does get over there? Here in South-Africa it can get pretty damn hot.
    That's why I'm thinking of getting a new case, something quiet and cool. Actually I'm trying to think of every cooling solution I can, but still keeping to a small budget.

  4. hello ... how can i make the cooler to be more faster ?? i have procesor atlon 64 3000+ ... the tempe ie 30-31-32 it is good this temp ?
  5. it is right to have the temp of procesor temp 0 not 30 -31 -32 ? have the temp of the procesor right now is 31 .. it is good ? or bad ? how can i make the cooler to go more faster ...
  6. 32c is a very good temp for a newer proc to be at.

  7. thakns a lot ... but i have a Pentium 3 550MHZ.... how can i overclock that procesor ? telll me step by step .... i wanna know that i must to do in the bios ... !! tell me stap by step in the bios what i must to do to overclick
  8. Best way to overclock a P3 550 would be to buy a new computer! Wouldn't be worth the time and effort to OC a beast like that.
  9. Quote:
    Yes it's possible, but I wouldn't recommend getting a Pentium D 805; the Pentium D 915 is a better , but even then a Core 2 Duo E6300 or Athlon X2 3800+ would be a much better choice.

    Just one thing, I would recommend you get a 915 or E6300, but I have no understanding why you would get a 3800+ if you are an overclocker. Overall, either of the first two will well outperform the 3800+ when they are all overclocked reasonably.
  10. thats my frind computer he dont have so much money.... i have P4 3000+ ... i wanna help him .... please tell me ... on the bios ... that i must to make in the bios to overclock the procesor Pentium 3 550 mhz
  11. dude. It is seriously a waste of time to overclock that. It is probley a Compact or something and the Motherboard wont let you change anything. Just give it up and buy a new one or work with what ya got. Check out Garage sales if your that poor. They should have at least an old p3 1.0 ghz machine for like 10bucks.

    How old are you by the way?
  12. TragedY:
    Concerning the P3, I'd say buy n new pc aswell.
    I don't think you'll get alot out of overclocking something that old.

    Heyyou27, tool_462:
    Can I ask why would you recommend the 915? To me it's not gonna fit my budget. The extra few bucks I'd rather invest in cooling.
  13. To answer the OP. I have a D805 overclocked to 3.6Ghz using the Zalman CNPS9500. I didn't have to increse the core voltage. Temps runs at 44-45C at idle and low 60s while playing games. I haven't tested at load since room temp was around 80F and cpu approached 70C.

    The zalman fan is set at the highest speed, yet adds little to no additional noise over the fans in my Antec P180B case (and much, much quieter than the stock cooler).
  14. It looks like the price for the D915 will be cheaper next month and by January be less than the D805 is currently.
  15. I can recommend the 915 because it is basically a newer version of the 805. It runs much cooler and will overclock to the same numbers with less cooling.

    It is a misconception that you need $100+ to cool an overclocked D805 at 4.0ghz. I have mine running at 4.0 with a $21.99 Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro, but my house/dorm is always around 60F so it has a very low ambient. After gaming for a few hours temps get a little high, so I load my gaming profile on my mobo which is 3.8ghz.

    I still strongly recommend the few extra dollars for a 915, you will be happy with it. Don't get me wrong, I am very satisfied with my D805 but I purchased it about a year ago before the 915 was available.
  16. i have buyed cooler 3000+ for that 500mhz.... and i must to overclocking... but i dont know.... someone tell me ... how i makeit ?
  17. A google search returned this guide. As far as I can understand what you are saying, you have a Pentium 4 3000+? Good luck with the overclocking :?:
  18. It is posible to hit 3.6GHz on air with the D805. However, you'll have temperatures in the 50C range, which is on the high side. Not to mention that it's bandwidth-starved by the 533MHz FSB. You'll need to overclock to 4GHz to have the 800MHz FSB that's standard on all other Pentium D's.

    The D915 runs cooler, overclocks better, and owns the D805 at stock speed. If you can get 266MHz FSB, you'll have a 3.73GHz CPU, with the same clock speed and FSB as an EE965.
  19. You guys make a convincing argument.

    I was also thinking the 533MHz FSB was little low and if the 915 runs cooler I'll need to get it. Like I said earlier, it get's hot around here.

    As long as I can get by with that Zalman(I don't I know about you but that thing is damn pretty to me). Water cooling is just too expensive for me.

    Plus I reckon that 800MHz FSB will go nicely with ddr2 RAM I planing to get.

    Any other ideas?
  20. True, is there beter coolers you can recommend. I was thinking the Zalman because it was metioned in the article.

    Otherwise I'll get me a windowed case. Think is about time I added some flare to my pc.
  21. To tell you the truth, I prefer functionality above looks.

    Very nice guide wusy. I'm sorry I over looked it.

    Looks like can't get my hands on a AC Freezer 7 Pro, I'll look around though.
    I can get a Thermaltake Big Typhoone. Looks like it's cheaper and quieter and according to your guide it'll do the job.

  22. I currently have my Pentium D805 OC'd to 3.2GHz, using a Koolance Exos watercooling system! The voltage is 1.39 and idle temp of 32oC! When running Prime95, full load, it hits about 46oC... but the voltage seems to drop quite a bit, to about 1.34!

    I can't seem to go any higher at the moment, as my PSU is just a basic one that won't seem to handle anything higher, looks as so it starves the CPU of the voltage needed to overclock it higher!
  23. which PSU do you have? Most 805s should be able to hit 3.6GHz on 1.325v.
  24. E6300 would be much better but if it's too much for your budget just get the 915 and cool it with Scythe Ninja or BigTyphoon and overclocked it to the max stable frequency.
  25. It's some unbranded crappy 400w one! I just ran the 805 at 3.3GHz, restarted a few times and seemed to of had some graphics errors! It would boot into windows, but not display much more than messed up graphics and the mouse cursor, i eventually got it to work after a few restarts... but when i went to the Nvidia control panel to check the temp og the GPU the machine crashed!
  26. Just tried to run it past 3.3GHz at 1.325v and had no luck at all, would get past the Windows XP Loading screen then crash and reboot itself!

    Do you think this is generally down to my PSU, or am i doing somthing wrong in another aspect!?

    Could it be the memory i am using, which is pretty cheap unbranded stuff!?
  27. Anyone have any suggestions to how to get a higher speed!? Change mem, pus etc etc !?!?

    Any help is appriciated!?
  28. Can you suggest a way how to decrease the temperature of cpu.
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