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I've put quite a bit of research into this, but I would'nt be surprised if I missed something or if there were some better options. I have some lingering questions/decisions so any advice is appreciated. There are some links in here to some very informative sites.

I have a fairly strict budget of $650.
I already have a case, hard drives, floppy, os, and cables.
Not planning on doing any substantial overclocking on this system.
Not planning on running SLI.

A priority of this build is upgradability --> Perhaps a quad core and a single high end video card down the line.

CPU: $92 or $183

Option 1. E6300 $183 shipped

Option 2. 805D $ 92 shipped

I really want the e6300. Compared to the 805D it's almost twice the processor at half the wattage.

The only reason I'm considering the 805D is that I could use the almost $100 in savings to buy more ram.
At $92 I would'nt have a problem dumping the 805D for another cpu within the next year.
Does anyone forsee the 805D as having any substantial issues handling any current or upcoming gaming titles in the next 12 months?

DDR2 MEMORY: $100 - $250

Of course I want 2 gigs here, but if I go with the e6300 cpu I simply won't have enough in the budget.
My initial idea was to get the e6300 and one 1GB stick of ram. I've come to understand that running it in single channel will result in a performance decrease of 10-15%, as oppossed to running two 512 sticks in dual channel. Input on that is appreciated.

Ideally I want two sticks of 1gig in dual channel. If I went with two 512 sticks now and added more ram later all 4 dimms would be used and I'd like to avoid that (upgradability).

So is it worth going with the 805D for the next 6-12 months in order to have 2 x 1gb sticks now or should I go with the e6300 and run 1x1gig (?) or 2x512mb (?)

Not too worried about what specific ram I'm going to buy until I decide on cpu/amount of ram dilema.
Will probably buy based on compatibility with motherboard and/or mobo manufactuers/forum readers recommendations.

RAM SPEED: I'm thinking minimum 667 for upgrade purposes. 800 probably better if I want to OC mildly.
Quad Cores FSB is 333 so the 667 ought to go 1:1 ratio as oppossed to 533.
800 would be needed for mild OC in 1:1 ratio with quad core.

MOBO: $123 shipped

This is the board I'm leaning towards as of the moment.
GIGABYTE GA-965P-S3 Socket T (LGA 775) Intel P965 Express
Close to the same board as the DS3 without some of the bells and whistles. DS3 is $33 more.
Definately want a 965 chipset here for future upgrades. (975 too expensive)

VID CARD: $120 (144-30rebate+6shipping)

BFG Tech 7600GT - still looking around, but so far I like this card.
95% of 70 reviews 4-5 stars. Seems like a good deal.

PSU: $73 shipped

Enhance ENP-5150GH 500W ATX12V Rev.2.2

This won't be news to those of you that are familiar with "striders", but it lead me to research the company. Turns out Enhance is one of the industrys best PSU makers.
Several of the most respected PSU names are actually using enhance psu's. They just pretty them up and resell. I know this has been going on in many/most industries for years, from smoke detectors to sound cards, but I was happy to find out about this particular situation.

Silver Stones ST50EF-PLUS is basically an Enhance 5150. ** great site **
This is extrapolation, but I feel comfortable with it.
Wish I could confirm if the 5150 is modular tho.. anyone know???

In the same respect the Silverstone ST60F is really the Enhance ENS-0560G (both modular).
So you can save 50 bucks if anyone reading this was interested in the ST60f. see Load Chart ENS-0560G

Using I'm predicting a future quad core upgrade and high end video card would result with this system at about 420 watts peak = 32 amp load. I believe the 5150 has a 36amp max from 12v.
I think I guessed around 140 watt peak for a quad core and used a 1900xtx 130 watt power pig for vid card example.

DVD BURNER: $30 shipped

ESTIMATED TOTAL: right around $650, a little more with the 2gig/805d option.

Know of any great deals that might fit into this system?
Any component recommendations?

Thanks in advance for any advice you might have and for reading to this point.
I hope you found some of the links interesting.
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  1. I would say get the E6300 and 1 stick of 1GB RAM. As you stated, there will be a performance decrease, but it should still be faster than the Pentium D 805 with 2GB of RAM. You can save up money on the side like $10 bucks a week so within 3 month's time you'll have money to buy another stick of 1GB RAM.
  2. Thanks Jag.. been leaning that way.
  3. If you want future-proofing, the e6300 is the way to go. Save some money now, spend more later... so it all balancer out anyways.

    Go shop around some other websites... I like:

    but thats because I used to work there. I go there for all my shiz, usually the price is lower than newegg... but shop around.
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