Need Help Choosing an older Graphics card agp

Well recently dad purchased a new family computer and im getting the old one, the motherboard is an 845pe-667 pro 2 titan ( or something along those lines) and the agp slot says 2x/4x. I read the manual and it says it accepts standard 1.5v cards.

Can a normal agp4x/8x card fit in this slot? THanks for any help.
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    Thanks for any replies
  2. I believe any AGP card will run in 4x mode even if it's rated at 8x. The voltage shouldn't matter since I believe the cards can use a lower power (i may be wrong).

    I put an x800gto, designed mainly for 8x but will run in 4x mode, into my intel 845PE 4x agp slot and it works like a charm.
    Otherwise, you would be wise to invest in a new motherboard with the same socket type.
  3. Cheers Mate
  4. x8 AGP will work fine in x4AGP slot. Hardly notice the dif anyway.

    Do you have a card in mind? I've a X800 XT PE 520mhz core 1200mhz mem AGP card boxed as new for sale if interested?
    Still under warranty for at least another 5-6mths.

    PM me if interested.
  5. Im in Australia im not sure ur there but postage is an annoying fee, thanks anyway. :D

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