Adding ON/OFF switch to case fan

This seems like an odd question.. but here goes..

Say i have a case fan, can i not just cut the power wire, and run it through a simple switch... allowing me to turn the fan, on, or off..?

I figured by breaking the circuit, obviousyl the fan will turn off, but i want to know if there will be any negative effects..

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  1. hmm..

    furthermore.. if i have a fan speed controller, handles 4 fans.. but the range is narrow, can i apply the same principle? put a switch between the fan and the controller.. allowing me to turn off individual fans, as oppose to just slowing them down?
  2. Yes, you can. It's not hard and you're exactly right about how to do it.
  3. Yep, just be sure to cover any connections with insulation, else they may short on you. Personal experience. You probably already knew that, but I like to save people from themselves if I can.
  4. Great! thanks for the replies..

    Now, assuming that i might have to extend some wires, which gauge should i use? looks like i might have a date with circuit city tonight to see what i can pick up..

    thanks again
  5. You don't need a huge gauge of wire - just pick some that looks roughly the same size as the fan leads! (basically you'll get away with using anything...) :)
  6. In the case of a small current like this gauge doesn't matter too much. You don't need a pure clean current, so any wire really will do the job of getting the electricity to the fans. As mkaibear said, buy something about the same as what's currently powering your fans and you'll be fine.
  7. Awesome. I've always wondered about doing that. Could make for some cool modding. Thanks guys.
  8. You shouldn't have a problem with it. I wired all my case lights to one switch so they can be shut off if I leave the machine on at night. It's in my bedroom and it can be a bit bright.
  9. Hi! I've been following this thread. Interestingly, this is what I want to do to my CCFL light inside my PC. I'm using Cooler Master Aurora cold cathode light and want to switch the lights off. My question is, which cable (from the molex connectors) should I install the switch, yellow or one of the 2 black cables?

    Thanking in advance for any help.

  10. red or yellow... if either is broken then the circuit is incomplete hence no power! do both if you feel like it but no real need...

    be aware that most fans dont use all 4 molex cables though...

    lol i was thinking of doing that to my green led fan with a 4 inch cable (literally) that obviously would not stretch from the front of the case to the mobo :P i ended up just zippy tying it to the drive bays...
  11. DON"T DO THE BLACK CABLES that come out of the CCFL voltage regulator box. It is extremly high voltage. Just do it on the 12V input to the CCFL box.
  12. Thank you all for your advice. Will work on it soonest possible.

    Good day & happy new year!
  13. happy new year? 30 december...
  14. Advance notice....:-)
  15. Hello, old thread, but it could be useful for someone.

    Tools: Drill, screwdriver, blank plastic from PC front, wire, tape, switch, PC fan, knife.
    Budget: 5$.
    Time: ~30 min.

    Full step by step instructions with pictures and videos you can find on my blog:


    1. Get the tools.
    2. Cut the wire of PC Fan (you need to cut only one wire, no meter what color it is (because it is not a bomb). I cut red wire, since my extra cable is red).
    3. Clean the ends of the wires of PC Fan and wires of the extra cable.
    4. Tie the wires of PC Fan and extra cable (if you have soldering iron, then do it that way).
    5. Use the tape to wrap the node and then cut the extra cable in the middle.
    6. Clean the ends of the extra cable.
    7. Integrate switch in blank plasctic of PC Front. I drilled small holes then with knife cutted out hole for switch. You can do this any other way.
    8. Tie the ends of extra cable with switch.
    9. Use the tape to wrap the node.
    10. Put PC fan in place. Put blank plastic with switch in place.
    11.Now you have button to turn on/off your PC Fan.

    Remember - it's all on your own risk! Don't touch cleaned wires when they are connected to the power line!
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