Gaming behind wireless router

I purchased a D-Link 524

I just built a new system with these specs:

DFI VNF4 ultra
amd 64 3700+

Before on my linksys (wired) router I had no problems at all while gaming. After switching to the dlink (which I added for my laptop and took out the linksys since I dont need 2 routers) I have lag problems while trying to play games (ie starcraft, etc...). I am hardwired from my desktop to the router (no wireless nic etc). I have went in and enabled gaming mode, did the port forwarding etc.... and still nothing seems to work...

Has anyone else had these problems?

Thanks guys
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  1. My past experience with d-link includes problems like the one you are having. In the home router market stick with what you have good luck with. I myself have had very good luck with linksys (it seems you have as well) and I have not had good luck with much else. I've set up many a home router/ap in my years of consulting and I gotta say the linksys ones are the only ones I dont have to go back and fix.
  2. Got it fixed.....the Nvidia nforce firewall was doing all kinda crazy crap.....I dont recommend it to anyone....I uninstalled and just used the windows one and everything works great now.....

    I had permissions setup to allow starcraft but still it was messing it up somehow....strange....
  3. why would you try to use another router to isolate the issue.if on that router theres no game lag then it wont be that dlink router.and also regarding wireless gaming there would be lags and you said when you hardwired the pc into the dlink the same result then it would be the dlink settings or you need to fix the firmware. :wink:
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