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I don't know if anyone else posted this yet but those new ATI ads on the front are really annoying. Every time I load up the web page I hear the sounds. And sometimes there is more than one and I have to mute them all. Like 5 minutes ago I had one at the top, the center, and the side all doing that annoying song. I think TG needs to remove them or make them like the old ones where it was optional to play.
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  1. IC no ads, but it is annoying with the threads from noobs regarding non-existent ads... :roll: keep trying young grasshopper... :wink:
  2. I guess it doesn't infect the American site. The UK version is horrible. Click it and you will be annoyed.

    I'll forgive you for what you said you didn't see the UK site.
  3. Yeah just viewed the site and man the ati adds are pain especially when you dont expect it
  4. Ok thanks TG it is better now. I had to refresh 4 times b4 even one decided to show up. I can easily deal with that. Before there was 2 and sometimes even 3 of them every time you opened the site up. This is a huge improvement.
  5. They are back again. Maybe it's a late night thing.
  6. New to TG Forumz - sorry it has to be a complaint.

    I agree with the above - UK site - AMD ads are just annoying - nothing worse than checking out the latest hardware news in your office and having cheesy music piping out your speakers.

    By all means leave the ads there, just by default have the music off rather than on. It sure isn't going to make me want to buy AMD when all they do through their advertising is aggrivate.

    @RichPLS - really how old are you - Noobs and non-existent ads - can you be any more offensive?
  7. I have to agree, the ATI ad's are rediculous. This kind of marketing can only anger consumers.
  8. Someone turn that &*!"£ crap off it is so annoying. It's making me HATE Toms page.
  9. The HP ads are getting bad too. I HATE ads that go full screen and make you "skip" them before moving on to the actual page content.
  10. hhhhmph...

    Use Firefox
  11. The new forum software looks interesting - but I won't be bothered with all this ad and pop-up crap long enough to find out. I'll be voting with my feet... later folks. :non: :hello:
  12. Logged-in users shouldn't be bothered any longer. This was a bug during the migration process, sorry !
  13. lourson said:
    Logged-in users shouldn't be bothered any longer. This was a bug during the migration process, sorry !

    If that's the case, I'll give it a try... thanks.
  14. Seriously POP up adds are so like 2000-2001. Get on your sled and ride the downhill slide
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