Core 2 DUO With AGP and not PCIx ?

I've seen a few boards on the net with both, but their not exactly great.

Im looking to upgrade my rig from a dfi lanparty nf3 and a amd 3000+,
to a new conroe chip and board, now I know everyones going to moan and bitch and say buy PCIx,

Well yeah I would but I don't wipe my arse with money.. and I have the Gainward 7800GS+ anyway wich is sufficient for my gaming needs. But what I need at the moment is some more processing power.

My question is, has anyone had any experiance with these type of boards, or can anyone suggest some decent ones?

Thanks in advance

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  1. I've made this kind of upgrade too. But not from AMD.
    I have 7800GS and i don't want to change to PCI-E. So in that time i don't have much choices. I bought Asus P5P800SE and Pentium 4 D 930 3 GHz. This mobo still has AGP slot. They run very well though.

    But i don't think this mobo will run with Conroe. Its highest FSB is 800MHz while conroe is 1066Mhz.
  2. If you really want to "play" with Conroe, maybe Asrock 775 Dual-VSTA or Asrock 775i65G can be a good solution.
  3. thanks for the info mate, and yeah i'd seen the Asrock 775 Dual-VSTA but havnt seen many good reviews about its agp solution. but as long as games run smooth and i get the processing power i need, then mabey this will have to do :wink:
  4. is that motherboard you have socket 939? cause if it is just upgrade to a higher amd xhip

    and doesnt the core 2 duo's run on ddr2 ram.. sorry im an amd fanboy so rarely follow intel products

    why not save some more money and then buy all new parts
  5. well thats another reason for my upgrade, its not a 939 but the old 754 socket. and i allready have the ram so i dont have to buy any of that, all im after is a new cpu and motherboard
  6. Actually the Asrock Dual VSTA runs AGP faster then it runs PCI-x just read the Anandtech articles. It supports Core 2 and DDR plus DDR-2 its just not feature-packed as a core 2 mainboard with I965 or 975 boards. The VIA chipset isnt designed for core 2 it can run it though.

    Hope that helps
  7. if you doubt about Asrock, you really got a very limited choices. You won't be able to "play" with conroe but you can "play" with Pentium D. Let's say Asus P5P800SE plus Pentium D 960 3.6 GHz.

    My Asus P5P800SE plus Pentium D 930 3 GHz plus XFX 7800GS Extreme Edition can scored 14.625 in 3DMark03. FEAR in 1280x1024, SoftShadows enabled, 2x AA, 8x AF, EAX enabled can play without hiccups same as in Half Life 2.

    Well, it's your choice mate. Good luck.
  8. yeah thanks everyone for quick replys and the helpful info
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