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Hello I want to build a daw and I need some suggestions. All I know is that I would like to use the coreduo 6600 I need 2gb worth of good ram. I know I would like to use the wd raptor 74gb as my primary hard drive.If you could give me some suggestions on a good build I would appreciate it. This will be a cool project for me if someone could lead me in the right direction, thanks for the time.
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  1. to clear some things up to help I need something that has firewire/usb/smartmedia , I dont need it to be upgradeable, It wont be used for games just audio editing and recording, I will probably use an nec nd-3540a dvd drive and will be using xp to start with. I dont need a good soundcard just something cheap and compatible and a good compatible video card that has dual monitor support. I probably will have 4 hard drives total 2 10k raptors and 2 72k seagates maybe. My budget is around $1200. thanks
  2. Here are numbers from top of my head...

    C2D e6600 - $330
    P5B - $150
    2GB DDR2 PC6400 OCZ Gold - $260 (rebates, I choose OCZ cuz its cheaper than Corsair...)
    Antec Sonata II w/PSU - $100
    2 320 gig Seagate - $200
    1 74GB Raptor - $160 (don't need two... way too much money)
    Graphics card - Whatevers left
  3. Swap the e6600 with the e6300(save some money)
  4. Hmmmm... I just realized... recording eh? You now need a break-out box and something sorta-highend from creative to do the job... drop the e6600 down to a 6300, save you 200 bucks, and get either an X-FI Plat or an Creative E-mu 1212m. The X-FI play comes with a breakout box, runs about $160, the 1212m is Creative's proffessional line of audio units, with some of the best ADC. Your choice on this.

    You don't need a raptor, since its a lot of money for marginal performance increase, just get 2 of the 320 gig Seagates. The money you save on non-raptor will put you back up to the e6600... or even a better graphics card... your choice.

    One more thing, I just realized the P5B doesn't have firewire... might need to buy a firewire pci card, but thats dimes and nickels.
  5. Thast what i am talking about :D Creative and Logitech z5500
  6. thanks guys that look awesome, and as far as the sound card goes i already have a motu 828mkII audio interface that takes care of the soundcard for my recording. as far as a video card is concerned would the xfx geforce 7300 gs be alright with the p5b. lets say i get the 2 320gb seagate drives and the 74gb raptor, if i get a couple of ide dvd drives will everything work out. i am not very skilled with compatibility issues and i am not sure if i saw something concerning ide and sata on some mobos. will i need any extra cooling with this setup as is. everything else seems to be looking good though.
  7. Tthe 7300Gs hould be ok but you could try the 7300GT
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