Best video card for 24" widescreen

I'm looking for the best video card for the money to run my Dell 2407 24" widescreen display. I've looked at the that evga7950gx2 and thought about buying it then using the trade up program when the gx80 cards come out, hopefully in the next 3 months. Another choice was go down to the $300 range and look at either a 7950GT or a 1900xt card.

Unfortunately, i've looked through the charts and read to many reviews to keep it all straight. Now i'm just damned confused.

I play FEAR, HL2, BF2, can't wait for crysis

Chime in.

here's what i'm working with
c2d e6600
freezer 7 pro with arctic silver
asus p5b deluxe
2gb corsair pc6400 4/4/4/12
3-wd160 sata3 raid 0/5
hiper 580watt psu
nothings overclocked yet
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  1. Get a $240 X1900 XT 256mb, and save your cash for a G80 or R600 after we find out which is faster. :)
  2. is the 1900xt capable of pumping out 1920x1200 FEAR with high details on without dropping to low on frame rate? Or is this more of a bandaid thing?

    Will it run much better OC'd to the point where it can run these higher frame rates max'd out?

    thanks for the help
  3. Quote:
    is the 1900xt capable of pumping out 1950x1200 FEAR with high details on without dropping to low on frame rate?

    Here's some benches:

    This one has F.E.A.R. at 1920x1200 - the X1900 XTX gets 55 fps, the 7950 GX2 gets 79 fps.

    The X1900 XT will get a few FPS below the X1900 XTX, so we can guess about 50 fps at that resolution... playable, for sure.

    Overclock it a bit, but it's still exceptional for a 'stopgap' card at $240... The card is simply an amazing deal at that price.
  4. This close to the dx- 10 cards coming out, it makes LOTS of sense to follow cleeve's advice and go for the xt or xtx for ~$300.

    I run the xtx on my 24" dell with your e6600, and other than fear, max all out. I run FEAR at the 1152x864 (?) res to max it out.
  5. Yeah, I'd say wait. Do what I do, I'm just playing older games to whittle my time until DX10 cards come out. But then again, I'm running a 2 year old laptop with a 128 mb Radeon 9700 mobility =(
  6. Is the 1900xt 512mb worth the extra 50 bucks over the 256mb version?

    newegg has the 512mb version for 297 while the 256mb is 239. is there any difference in the manufactures or are they all reference design? I was looking at these:

    or this one for a 512mb card

    any thoughts on which?
  7. I wouldn't pay the extra $50 if you plan to buy a DX10 card in the next 6 months.
  8. Alright, then if I go for the 256mb version, then what's the difference between the cards that say crossfire video card vs. the ones that don't. That just means that it has the capability to go crossfire with another card or this the actual crossfire card?

    I assume this card can stand alone and has the option to crossfire with another one down the road, not that this one has to be crossfired to work.

    I know that all makes me sound like figgin idiot, but I know nvidia stuff better than ati so i'm struggling here.

    Thanks for the help
  9. Yes, any X1900 XT can be used in crossfire, but if two cards are used then one of the two cards must be a special "crossfire edition" mastercard.

    I believe the newegg card you linked to is 'crossfire ready', not a mastercard.

    Here is a 'crossfire edition' mastercard:
  10. well, looks like i'm dropping the cash on this card. Now, what about overclocking this sucker?

    What tools should I load and do I need to worry about the stock cooler and fan?

    Thanks again
  11. Overclocking? The new version of Ati Tray Tools supports voltage modding like Atitoo does, but Ati Tray Tools seems more stable.

    You should be able to hit 675 mhz on the core, and 800 or more on the RAM without too much trouble.

    Research the voltages first though.

    Or if you want to do it the easy way, just use the driver's built in automatic overclocking feature...
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