Why is the Asus P5B motherboard not good for overclocking?

Exactly what the Subject states.

I was looking through wusy's guide when I noticed that the P5B vanilla is not recommended....just wondering why?
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  1. Worse cooling, crummy support. Buy the premium. It will oc like a dream and even support quad core.
  2. I'm sure the deluxe is better but this is the board i have. Is there nothing I can do to OC this a bit?
  3. I don't think asus "would have taken the tweaks from the premium" because they WANT it to be better, because it costs more.
  4. excuse me for asking but is thier a difference oc wise in either version of the deluxe P5Bs? Newegg has 2 versions of the deluxe listed
  5. also is the P5BE any different feature or oc wise from the normal version?
  6. I have the Vanilla P5B with an E6600 overclocked to 3.6GHz. Can't go much faster than that, but a 50% overclock is fine by me.
  7. Retardicus

    Are you running water cooling or air cooling?

    If you have the time could you list out what you did in the bios to get that 3.6GHz?

    I am quite the noob at OC.

  8. How much of an oc do you want? If you are shooting for the moon get a better board. If .5 GHz is okay with you get the P5B vanilla. It is an ok board, it just doesn't have a lot of features. Anyways the point of overclocking is to get more from less right?
  9. Sleepy

    I already own the board and I cannot return it. I just wanted to see what I can squeeze out of it.
  10. I'm using the Zallman 9500. Works pretty well for my OC. Newegg had it on sale for 45 USD too, so it wasn't a bad deal.
  11. the Rev 1.02 P5B-E can overclock better then the P5B deluxe and P5B

    check out these info links for the P5B-E

  12. The Mobo is a different design on the P5B then the P5B Deluxe series... the P5B shouldnt have the same serries name. We both fell into the shit pile with hundreds of others... Start spreading the news of how much Asus Sucks... Eventually they might get the idea that screwing their customers turns around and screws them...

    You know how many people I have stopped from buying Asus Boards?

    BTW... you dont hear the same complaints about the giga-byte boards..

    We got screwed... Asus Sucks...

    Enough said.
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