Would Nexus breeze 500W handle this rig?


I'm about to build a new rig for myself (my first build). Here is what I am thinking to put in it:

CPU: Intel E6300/6400
RAM: 1-2 GB DDR2
GPU: Nvidia 7900GS
HDD: 2*7200rpm drives
DVD: 2*DVD (1*writer, 1*only read)
Other: Sound Blaster
Other: 3.5'' drive

I'm thinking about buying the Nexus Breeze 500 for it. I believe the PSU would be up to the components, but what about heat? Breeze has only one exit for hot air. Everything goes through the PSU. Would that be enough for components above?

I am not planning on any OC and I am not going to get SLI either.
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  1. So do you think this PSU would be able to handle my new computer?

  2. Quote:
    Should be if you can find it. I tried to find it on Newegg but they only have the 550W and 650W. They mention it has 3 +12V Rails but they don't say how many amps are on each rail. The 550W has 18A on each rail and that's more then enough. So if the one your looking at is the same they your all set.

    I think that is the difference. 430W has only 16 amps per +12V rail (ofcourse there are 3 of those instead of 2...). Would that mean that it is not enough?
  3. The total output of 12V rails is 384W.

    Here is a bit more of the system specs I'm thinking at the moment. So you do believe the PSU would be up to it (I did change from 7600GT into 7900GS)?: (links are into a Finnish computer store, prices are a bit high compared to US, but that can't be helped :( )

    CPU: Intel E6300
    GPU: EN7900GS/2DHT/256M http://www.verkkokauppa.com/popups/prodinfo.php?id=20200
    RAM: Corsair Twin2X 2x512MB DDR2 675 KIT http://www.verkkokauppa.com/popups/prodinfo.php?id=8443
    Case: Antec Performance One P180 Grey http://www.verkkokauppa.com/popups/prodinfo.php?id=16350
    PSU: Antec TP3-430 EC TruePower Trio 430W http://www.verkkokauppa.com/popups/prodinfo.php?id=20811
    HDD: Seagate Barracuda 7200.10 250GB http://www.verkkokauppa.com/popups/prodinfo.php?id=13118
    DVD: Samsung SH-S182D/RSMN Super-WriteMaster™ http://www.verkkokauppa.com/popups/prodinfo.php?id=9811

    I am going to add my old HDD and DVD drive there too. Also I am still looking for a nice midrange MoBo for the system. I'm considering Gigabytes GA-965P-DS3

    Is there any other nice cheapish (maybe even cheaper MoBos for C2Ds), no SLI or OCing is necessary, although they might be a nice bonus. I was looking at Asus P5NSLI, but it has received some bad reviews.

    Also if you notice some bad bottlenecks on the system, please tell me what they are and maybe I can do something about them.
  4. Quote:
    ...The Gigabyte board is a great board. I see alot of people using that board.

    Thanks mate. Trying to make up my mind this week :D
  5. Thought it over...

    here is what I ordered :D

    CPU Intel E6300
    GPU Asus Nvidia 7900GS
    MoBo Gigabyte GA-965P-DS3
    MEM Corsair Twin2X 2x512MB DD
    Case Antec P180
    HDD Seagate Barracuda 250GB
    DVD Samsung sh-s182d
    PSU TP3-550W

    I know I should have more memory, but I'll just buy more later. I'll get by with that till I'll upgrade to Vista.

    And thanks for your input!
  6. Got the parts yesterday, and it is basically built, but haven't had time to turn it on yet. When I get home from work I'll just go through the connections once more before I'll try tunrning it on. (my first build, I don't want to let the magic smoke escape...)

    Anyways, it was pretty hard to wire and if you get P180 MAKE SURE your PSU has extra long 4/8 pin 12 v cord. Atleast Antec's Neo HE 500 had kind of too short cord (I hear Neo HE 500 is made by Seasonic btw, not sure though). It just reaches the 4/8pin 12v connector on my ASUS P5B Deluxe WiFi (located on top left, worst possible position for P180), but it looks pretty ugly since it goes pretty much straight over the whole board. The cord was just long enough leave room for my Gainward 7900GS 512Mb and it goes nearly over the CPU fan.

    Antec actually recommends Neo HE for the P180 case, which is weird, because that cord is too short in my opinion.

    Is there any way to extend that cord eg. some already available extension cord? I won't cut it and make the extension myself, even though that would be possible.

    If I manage to get my hands on a digital camera, I'll post some pics after I got the wireing finalized.
  7. Ok, no smoke, but I certainly screwed up with installing the CPU heatsink. I accidentally popped one pin holding the heatsink down and it got loose again. Well, I re-attached it (with the same factory heatpaste in it, didn't have new paste available) and computer does start up but is running only at 1.6GHz with CPU at 81C :(

    Ok, tomorrow I'll just go buy some cleaning kit and some AS5 and try again.
  8. Ok, now this looks good.

    CPU stays at nice 40C and my old score at 3dmark2003 went from 1200 to 17000. Looks pretty nice :D
  9. Quote:
    If I manage to get my hands on a digital camera, I'll post some pics after I got the wireing finalized.

    Oh well, didn't get a digital camera (had to use my cellphone), but on this message you can find one pic (low quality) of the computer's upper section with the sidepanel off.
  10. Quote:

    I'm thinking about buying the Nexus Breeze 500 for it.

    Wow, I rarely see the name Nexus mentioned here in the forums. Then again their main focus is on silence. You already switched to the Antec P180, but I figure I'll just chime in on the Nexus Breeze 500 itself in case anyone here in forums are looking at the case (doubtful).

    Nexus mainly focuses on creating silent components and are probably most well known for their 120mm Real Silent Fans which are cherry picked Yate Loon fans. Anywaste, the theory is that the case produces a vortex column of air that is used to cool the case. The vortex is created by the 120mm fan at the bottom of the case and the 120mm fan in the PSU at the top of the case.

    A good design in concept, but people have complained that very little air reaches the hard drives at the front of the case which can potential cause them to overheat. Small drives that uses only 1 platter (like a modern 60, 80, 120 and certain 160GB hard drives) will probably be okay. But larger capacity hard drives would most likely run into trouble because the more platters there are, the more heat is generated.
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