no collision patch for High Stakes

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The purpose of this patch is for tcp-ip racing with collision off, but
it's also fun for offline play.

Here's a link to a zip of nfshsnc.exe that has the no collision patch

Just unzip it into your main High Stakes directory and run it instead
of nfshs.exe, or backup nfshs.exe and rename nfshsnc.exe to nfshs.exe.
If you have other patches, these can be applied to nfshsnc.exe without
any issues.

The patch for the no-collision is just a 2 byte patch. In addition,
the displaying of the intro movies have been also patched out, to
speed up online launching for those using ip-lounge for hs.

Note 1: collision are not only off between cars, but they are also off
for trees, cactus, and anything that can move like cones, benches,
telephone booths, etc. However it's worth it to get the collsion off
for online play.

Note 2: replays made with collsion off can only be viewed properly with
collision off, and vice versa, unless there are no collisions with
anything by the player's car.
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  1. Archived from groups: (More info?)

    NFSHSNC.EXE has been updated. Collision mode is now selectable, using
    the damage setting to control it. If damage mode is "on", then collision
    mode is on. If damage mode is "visual only", "physics only", or "off", then
    collision mode is off.

    Collision off mode was also fixed so it's back to collisions off for cars
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