two final questions about video card & motherboard


ive decided to buy the following set up

-antec p180B black performance case (130 euro)
-antec truepower 550W
-nec 4571 16x black dvd-RW labelflash technologie (39,90 euro)
-corsair twinx DDR2 2048MB pc6400 XMS (2x1024MB) (225,00 euro)
-ASUS EN7600GT/2DHT 256MB PCI-express 7600GT (189,00 euro)
-western digital 250GB-ks 16MB SATA300 7200RPM (83,95 euro)
-asus -p5w DH deluxe green socket 775
-INTEL CORE 2 DUO E6600 2,40 socket 775 (335,00 euro)

now there's two things i would like to ask

ive you guys could choose between these two videocards ,witch one would y'all choos (its for 3D, photoshop , illustrator ,"NO" gaming )

-ASUS EN7600GT/2DHT 256MB PCI-express 7600GT (189,00 euro)


MSI NX7600GS-T2D256EHL Passive 256MB PCI-express (135euro)

and whitch of these two mobo's

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  1. photoshop & illustrator are two completly different programs. illustrator is vector .
  2. personaly i wouldnt get either if your not gaming. if all your going to do is render pictures in those programs i wouldnt waste alot of money on a video card i would waste alot more money on alot of ram and cpu and get a matrox card best 2d on the market only thing it lacks in is gaming praformance.
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