I'm in a Pickle!!! Help Me Please....**Error Corrected**

Hello everybody --
Please forgive my "newb" status. I've been a reader of Tom's for a while now, but I just recently decided to break into the forums.

Ok, down to business. Here is my current setup -- (Only Essentials)
AMD64 3700 (S939)
Mushkin 2x1024gb RAM (DDR 400)
BFG Geforce 7800 GT 256mb
Abit AN8 MB

I'm defiantely going with a new setup, because I've started to do a lot of work in Adobe After Effects. Its mostly a part-time thing, but I'm also an avid gamer. I like to play games like Battlefield 2, Half Life 2, Oblivion, and others. I'm looking to be able to play BF 2142 and Crysis when it comes out.

I've definately decided on a motherboard. I'm going to go with the ABIT AW9D-MAX, which just now became available. I've already done a good bit of research as far as RAM goes (thanks to everybody in the Memory Forum!!! :) ), and I'm not going to upgrade my video card until the new cards are affordable in about a year. Of course I'm going to go with Conroe, because its the fastest, and I'll be able to simply pop that quad core chip in the AW9D when it comes out.

So here's my delimma:
I know that quad-core is coming in the near future. I'm defaintely interested in gettin gone of these chips because I know that it would help greatly with Rendering in After Effects, and general multi-tasking. When doing video stuff, I constantly have After Effects, Premiere Pro, and Photoshop open all at the same time.

So I don't want to go with out Conroe right now, because I know I won't be able to afford the QUAD core as soon as it comes out, and I want to get some SPEEEEED!!! So what processor do you recommend? I'm wondering if the difference between the E6400 and the E6600 is worth the 100 bucks! Its sort of like a temporary processor, because I will be upgrading probably in the spring.

What do you people think? I appreciate your help!!

**EDIT** I put E6300 instead of the E6600
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  1. as a temp measure I would go E6300, and then just bump it up to E 6400, without even a voltage increase most likely, you can just use the software that will be included with teh mobo (I think) I am not sure but I don't think a stock e6300 will speed up games at all over an Athlon 3700, because most games are dual core optimized so you need some power in each individual core to get increases in games.
  2. If you really plan to get a Quad core then by all means save the hundred $ and go with the E6300. Its been proven to hold its on with even AMD's FX 62 processor.
    Have fun with your build.
  3. Thanks to you both for helping me out! However, I made a big mistake. I meant to put E6600 instead of E6300. I know....I know.....my bad. That kind of changes things a good bit.
  4. kinda, we were both suggesting the cheaper one, if you plan to upgrade. So taht only changes it to E6400 I believe, the 4 meg cache over 2 meg cache won't impact performance relative to price at all.
  5. I heard the quad cores could come as soon as October... why not wait a month? :P
  6. good question, I forgot they bumped up the launch date.
  7. But I thought they were going to be extremely expensive when they come out. I wasn't looking to spend more than $350-$400 on a processor. I read somewhere on here that they'll be going for a solid 500 bucks, and that's for the lowest performance one.

    Is this true or am I listening to rumors too much?
  8. I think you would most likely be correct in that assumption. What I did was buy good enough ram to last me, an E6400 and a great mobo p5b deluxe. When quad core comes out, I can bios update and just drop it in. I won't need new better ram or anything. So, it sounds like you are in the same place as me, go ahead buy an e6400 make sure your mobo and ram will be up to par for kentsfield (quad core) don't worry about video cards, because dx ten cards are comming out soon enough I couldn't suggest spending 450 on a new card. So, drop your card into a new mobo with an E6400 and Great ram, you will be ready to upgrade and kick ass in the meantime.
  9. Thanks! That sounds like the best plan to me. I know this isn't the "memory" forum, but what did you consider when looking for ram for Quad Core?
  10. The C2Q 6800? (I think thats what's it called, too lazy to go back and look) will be 2 extreme cores put together, therefore I expect the price to be around $1k. The lower speed versions will be out 1Q 07, which should be more down to earth prices. Your call.

    I suggest e6300 for about a year or so, or until Intel gets to 45nm, then grab one of those.
  11. OK, let me get this straight, you want a temporary solution to you getting an Intel setup in the spring? One that would give you more power (multitasking) but wont break the bank. So, why not just get an AMD64 X2 4400+ right now? They are VERY cheap right now and will offer a speed increase – and while you enjoy the multiprocessing abilities of that processor you can save up for a massive machine next spring. I guarantee prices will likely be lower and there will be more options in the MB area too. Yea, you will get more speed from Intel right now, however percentage wise it really does not warrant having to pay for ‘upgrades’ in the spring. I think patience in most cases would be best.

    And btw, I use those programs too as well as Lightwave and use two 4200+ machines – one was just not enough. However, even with a 4200+ machine I chew through 10-25mb images while rendering movies in the background. Sure, it takes 5 minutes longer on my machine than a E6600, but I can live with that and I do use those programs for production work. :)
  12. Well that's sort of what I want to do. I'm looking to get an Intel Machine now, that can be upgraded to QUAD CORE when the prices become affordable. I wanted to see what everybody's opinion was about what chip I should get: The E6400 or the E6600. So far its looking like the E6400 is the smarter choice, because of the cheaper price, and the fact that I can save some money for quad-core.

    I did look at the AMD AM2 4400+ but for about the same price, I can get a conroe setup that is faster and can be upgraded for Quad Core

    PS: If you ever feel like showing off your work, PM me, because I enjoy looking at stuff created in those programs!! :D
  13. Quote:
    The C2Q 6800? (I think thats what's it called, too lazy to go back and look) will be 2 extreme cores put together, therefore I expect the price to be around $1k. The lower speed versions will be out 1Q 07, which should be more down to earth prices. Your call.

    I suggest e6300 for about a year or so, or until Intel gets to 45nm, then grab one of those.

    Nope. They'll call it the Core 2 Extreme Q6xxx
  14. LoL, I doubt you would be very interested in my work – its mostly editing not actually creation. I leave the art to the pros which conversely don’t know much about making it all come together :) I do things like sync vid/audio, clean up images (crop, shrink, re-render), some video effects and so on.

    Anyway, if you already have the MB, sure the E6400 would be fine but I am very realistic and hate having to buy something twice in a 6 month period. Maybe that is because I do production work and have to make the argument to the money ppl on why I have to spend so much money. The 4400+ would be around 250 and that’s it while the Intel would involve getting a MB, memory and then the processor. However, if just HAVE to have an Intel system no amount of ‘logic’ will dissuade you ;)
  15. THe athlon X2 Idea would be a great Idea EXCEPT, it makes no sense since he wants to upgrade to quad core later, assuming it's an AM2, he would have to reinvest in a mobo as well as the proc. Where as with a c2d setup he would only have to perform a bios flash. And in terms of ram I would suggest any good DDR II 800 or 667 the sticks I'm using are


    They are working beautifully, overclock like hell and look badass against the black pcb of my mobo. You also can't go wrong with corsair (usually) and PQI I think offers the best product at Rock bottom prices, if you really can't afford to invest in better stuff. The pqi is usually as good just looks a little worse. I think ocz has had some weird compatibility issues recently but I've been a fan in the past and I know Crucial was actually the company that was first cranking out really really high end DDR II, like 2 years ago, they were already making like 1 gig speed ddr II sticks.
  16. The X2 4400 is a good idea, it's the same price as a C2D 6400, but you don't have to buy a new MB or Ram. You can put that money in a 90 day or 6 month CD and make money on it and have a bit more to spend for you quad core system when the time comes. That way you get the dual core benefit now plus get more quad core when the time comes.

    Just a thought.

    There will more a wider variety of MB's then too, and prices will certainly have dropped on them, so even more bang for the buck.
  17. what are you talking about!!?!?!

    If his current mobo supports X2 and an athlon, than it isn't AM2 (which we know it isn't because it's a socket 939 and he is using pc 3200), meaning when he upgrades to a quad core he will have to drop 200-400 dollars more on Ram and prices are just going up right now, and he will need a new mobo for the kentsfield. Even if it was an Am2 he would still need a new board for kentsfield. If he buys ddr 2 now, he has more of a chance of selling his pc 3200 now, than he will in a few months. And I think DDR II prices will continue to rise through the holiday season for sure. He saves most going intel, because he wants a kentfield. It makes sense to set him up for that with a simple bios flash. not to mention he won;t need to reformat everything etc. and go through a huge hassle.

    If he didn't want to upgrade soon to kentfield than the X2 would of course be great, unless he wanted to OC.
  18. The sad thing in the whole pickle here is that you're looking foor that little grain more -understandable in your case- HW wise but that it has to be cost efficient. If there is no lit on the wallet you can go for anything most expensive and newest in HW.

    Taking the examples as discussed here: now a DuoC2-6400 and tomorrow a DuoC2 quad core...
    By the time the 4cores from intel become more affordable a new and faster AMD will come out only to be followed some time later by a new Intel...

    What you should consider according to my humble opinion is the cost/value of the CPU in conjunction to the SW running on it. What is the gain of the latest kick-ass CPU if th SW is not yet released or not implemented. For example companies will still run at least for a year on XP since migration to a new OS for most companies mean also cost and rewriting or patching in some cases of business SW!
    Also I believe the investment should be done on the right time and only if it is justifiable on all fronts.. damn I start sounding like a real financial manager :p

    Anyhow also many fun on the new build :)
  19. He can get this processor and put it in his current setup. Wait until the quad core settle, like he said he wanted to, and then buy the whole quad core setup. Ram prices will probably settle after the holidays, and the C2 motherboards will have settled a bit as well.

    If he wants to sell his old stuff then buying now might be beneficial. I always keep my old stuff, unless it's dead, and then build computers for friends and family with it when they need one, one just put together a back up for my self. So I don't consider the selling part. He will have to analyze what he wants and take that approach.
  20. Yeah, I was defiantely planning on selling my stuff. I was hoping to offset my cost while this stuff is still worth something.

    I'll probably end up going with the E6400, the AW9D-MAX, and 2gigs of DDR-800. That'll set me up for when Quad-Core comes out, and that''ll be awesome!

    Now I just have to decide when. I want that MB to drop in price a little bit. That would make me happy.
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