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I was thinking about upgrading my desktop which would include buying an HD6850/6870, windows 7 and extra memory. (Currently got an 8800GT 512, windows Xp and 4gig memory). I'm a bit of a tight-wad when it comes to OS and I begrudge paying £70 for it since it's 'only' an OS and wondered, since my laptop is sulking after I spilled beer over it, if I buy a laptop (such as this could I use the Windows 7 licence to also install it on my desktop?
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  1. Aaw! Thanks, guess I'll have to tart puting a few quid aside for the Windows 7 upgrade then :-(
  2. Thanks for the multi-user link, looks like good value but I only have my 1 desktop and a sulking laptop right now :)
  3. just to show you a good value!!!!!!
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