Second Take: Halo 3 vs. Crysis

Which 2007 blockbuster title will be the biggest? Ben Meyer and TwitchGuru’s Rob Wright discuss.

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  2. I would have to say that Halo will kill Crysis in sales. The hardware that Crysis is going to require is going to be nothing short of expensive. Console games usually sell better than PC games, consoles being the more easily attainable and require no hardware knowledge whatsoever. I think Rob was right on the money when he said it doesn't have to be a fantastic game to sell well. Just look at Halo 2, a piss poor sequel that added little to the story and added an extra gameplay element, yet it sold so well. Visuals were a bit better, but then we had that nasty texture loading delay.

    I'm really hoping that Halo 3 follows the original's footsteps in terms of story and gameplay. I thought the level layouts were very well done, the story was pretty good, and the game was epic. I loved the open area wars that would occur in the larger levels.

    Crysis, on the other hand, will absolutely kill Halo 3 in terms of visuals and gameplay. Story, well, I'm not so sure, FarCry had a pretty asstastic story, with unnatural voice acting, but what it lacked in those areas it made up for with visuals and gameplay. Would be my top FPS, if it weren't for the Half Life series. Kind of torn between the two.

    FarCry just had fantastic level design, great for coming up with multiple strategies and angles for situations that occur in the game. By the looks of it, Crysis is going to be up there for visuals and interactivity with the environment, and it seems like it will be the same kind of style as FarCry. Definitely looking forward to it, especially if a Cooperative mode is included, or maybe modded to include it.

    Unfortunately, Halo 3 will make more money, but hopefully the devs at Bungie don't take advantage of that, and release something worth playing, rather than pulling another Halo 2.
  3. I think Halo will win this one, it is the 3rd in the series and since consoles suck and it is the only game worth playing on them and a million billion console owners want a game that does not blow Halo will make bigger ripples than crysis, personally i think crysis will wipe the floor with halo in terms of being a better game.
  4. I think Crysis will kick Halo 3 ass! :lol:

    Graphics: Crysis
    Gameplay: Crysis
    History: Don't know ~ Halo 3
    Multiplayer: Crysis = Halo 3 in the shorterm, longterm Crysis
    Sound: Crysis
  5. By all indications Crysis will be the better game. All Crysis has to do to attain greatness is do everything it did in the gameplay clips we saw. Halo will undoubtedly sell more copies than Crysis though, because there are already 4 million pre-orders for Halo 3 and there are 10 million Xbox 360's out there. I just don't see Crysis selling even 4 million copies, there probably isn't that many machines capable of running it decently.
    I did however see somewhere an image of Crysis in an Xbox 360 cover so if it actually comes out on an Xbox and console owners will finally come to their senses (I know, it's unlikely) there may be competition.
  6. I think just about everyone who owns a good enough card will buy it, unfortunately most will go the Jack Sparrow route... Console games are harder to pirate...

    Somehow i dont think that xbox will be getting it and if they do the port will suck, ask anyone who owns oblivion on an xbox.
  7. I voted for Halo 3. From a practical point of view, it's obviously going to seel more units than Crysis. In addition, the original poster apparently believes this as well since Crysis has been misspelled (jk - but it's misspelled).

    I started out as a PC gamer and I'll always be an avid PC gamer. I also own an Xbox 360 but it doesn't get as nearly as much attention as my PC does. I personally cannot wait till Crysis hits the store shelves but I'd wait for the furor to die down before putting down $60+ for Halo 3. I remember how quickly pre-played Halo 2's started showing up on the shelves. The only reason I'd purchase Halo 3 is for co-op play. That's one big advantage console games have over PC's. I enjoy sitting next to my brother or friends while playing a game.
  8. Its all about the product history and advertising...

    Look at Budwiser... one of the cheapest beers made... yet they outsell everyone on the premise of quality.

    Crysis screenshots were exceptional. Theres no doubt that it will be visually stunning, and from the little bit of demo some of us were able to see - the gameplay should also be well done.

    Halo from the start seemed very mechanical to me... perhaps due to the fact I was so acclimated to the PC, and faster paced UT type gameplay. But there inlies the clincher... I never got into it.

    Halo could very well be the funnest game in the world to play and I wouldn't know it, but from the graphics I have seen it is a so so game in comparison to Crysis.
  9. I thinks Crysis will be on Xbox 360 and PS3, because the SDK is compatible with both consoles, but i imagine it's not going to be Crytek, but another company specialized on thos consoles.
  10. DivX 10?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! 8O

    You work for toms! :roll: Pathetic.
  11. Quote:
    Which 2007 blockbuster title will be the biggest? Ben Meyer and TwitchGuru’s Rob Wright discuss.

    Well, start the discussion hopefully. Tell us what you think!" rel="nofollow">Watch The Video

    Read Rob's Blog Post

    Watch Crysis Video Preview

    Oh- my- gosh, that guy Rob whats his face is ALWAYS so full S***, thats why his eyes are brown...., what a jerk. :evil:
  12. Quote:
    Oh- my- gosh, that guy Rob whats his face is ALWAYS so full S***, thats why his eyes are brown...., what a jerk. :evil:

    I'd say I disagree with Rob more than I agree with him, but I think he's going to be right about Crysis being the better game and Halo 3 selling better. I think Ben and Rob are warming up to the camera a little better. I'll keep watching!
  13. Quote:
    Oh- my- gosh, that guy Rob whats his face is ALWAYS so full S***, thats why his eyes are brown...., what a jerk.

    Awesome, thanks for the feedback., Warezme. I love the smell of intelligent discourse in morning...

    Maybe you could expand on your previous post and explain why you think I'm full of BS and what exactly it is that you're disagreeing with me about in regards to this subject. You know, for the sake of intelligent discourse.

    PCAnalyst, good analogy regarding the King of Beers!

    HotFot, thanks for the encouraging feedback.

    DivX 10?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! You work for toms! Pathetic.

    Damn, I didn't even here that the first time. In Ben's defense, he hadn't had his five cups of coffee yet when we shot this.

    And finally, Jessica Alba over Scarlett Johansson 7 days a week and twice on Sunday. Who's with me?
  14. Quote:
    DivX 10?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! Shocked

    You work for toms! Rolling Eyes Pathetic.

    Yep, totally pathetic. Good catch. Thankfully most Tom's viewers are smart enough to know what I meant. :wink:
  15. Brunettes are wayyyy hotter than blondes any day. But the odd redhead here and there top them both. I have a giant 6 foot poster of Jessica Alba, for Sin City, she's holding a gold magnum. Its great! Its this one here:

    Ignore warezme, he is just racist.

    Ben, question for ya: Why are you always asking the questions? It seems more like an interview than a discussion, lets hear your opinion too!
  16. Quote:
    And finally, Jessica Alba over Scarlett Johansson 7 days a week and twice on Sunday. Who's with me?

    I'm taking the word "over" literally. :wink:
  17. Quote:
    Ben, question for ya: Why are you always asking the questions? It seems more like an interview than a discussion, lets hear your opinion too!

    I agree. What does Ben have to say? Is it intdended to be like an interview?
  18. Rob,
    Your videos are maturing by leaps and bounds. I especially like the end videos\bloopers, they give it the THG feel and humor, keep up the great work.

    As for the games i agree that Crysis will be the better game but Halo will have the history and marketing to beat it in the short run in purchases.

    PS: Always vote on Alba... :wink:
  19. Quote:
    And finally, Jessica Alba over Scarlett Johansson 7 days a week and twice on Sunday. Who's with me?

    What are you doing to me, Rob? First Nat and now Alba? Too much goodness for one afternoon.

    Just don't mention Elisha Cuthbert with yellow eyes again. :wink:
  20. I'd like to see this discussion redone between:


    please :)

    UT3 FTW :) :trophy:
  21. Sorry man, being an a**. Usually a bit more relaxed than that. My bad. I do enjoy your guy's reviews.
  22. For me, Crysis all the way, but I vote Halo 3. Halo is fun and all, but I'm just not a big console person. The Halo franchise is enormous. They've already had two games, so its extremely well established (whereas Crysis hasn't even been released yet and there are no other games related to it). More fan boys, more veterans, more hype around it. It's going to sell way more than Crysis, easily.

    Eh, Halo 3 will be good, but Crysis will own in my house. :twisted:
  23. cant wait to play both games but i think halo 3 will sells more. i voted for crysis and i know crysis is the next big thing period.
  24. I have to agree with Rob, I am not a fan of the Halo series, I too think they're over hyped (I have owned and played Halo and Halo2). The simple fact that there are more 360 gamers, then there are 'true' PC gamers. The 360 owners can go out and buy Halo 3 instead of making sure their PC is up to spec to run Crysis.

    On the upside atleast there won't be 10yr old boys cussing me out, or talking trash in their high-pitch voices, when I play Crysis.

    side note:
    This video was much improved from your last video, good work Ben and Rob.
  25. Quote:
    WICKO wrote:
    Ben, question for ya: Why are you always asking the questions? It seems more like an interview than a discussion, lets hear your opinion too!

    I agree. What does Ben have to say? Is it intdended to be like an interview?

    Well, obviously we are still working out the kinks, but I'd say it's more like host/color guy vibe we have been going for. That being said, on some topics, like the Digg revolt, I'll have more to say. But when it comes to gaming, I defer to Rob's far greater expertise. Plus, then he gets to take all the heat on the Forumz!

    One other note: It didn' t come through in the piece, but I'm solidly in the Johansson camp (Rob and I have debated this one heavily). Not that I dislike Alba, she may even be better looking than Johansson. But Scarlett seems like she's got a bit more brainpower working, so I think she'll go farther in the long run.
  26. Quote:
    But Scarlett seems like she's got a bit more brainpower working, so I think she'll go farther in the long run.

    Ben, you're insane. Brainpower?!?!?!?! What what what!?!?!?!?!?!?! What does that have to do with anything? Brainpower has no bearing on who is better looking or who will have the better year. Jessica has got Silver Surfer coming up, and Scarlett has The Nanny Diaries. Who do you think is going to have the bigger hit?

    Look, no disrespect to Scarlett, she's okay. But I just don't get the obsession wit her. As I've stated before, I think her acting ability is average and her deep voice is a little too mannish for me.

    As for Alba, have you see "Honey" or "Into the Blue"? Now that's acting talent!
  27. Heres how you settle who's going to have the better year:

    Which one will show off more skin?

    Whomever does will gain the most publicity and be the most talked about.

    Now if you're talking about awards and nominations or movie qualty, sorry but Jessica won't get much love from Fantastic Four, Scarlett has a better chance playing a more serious, dramatic role. I like brunettes better anyways.
  28. No no no no no no no no no. It's much simpler than that.

    Jessica Alba has bigger boobs, therefore, win.
  29. Whoever shows more skin will win this one. So if she is caught showering in the nanny diaries...

    Also, there are 3 blondes dumb enough to not notice that they are sleeping with a gross 80 year old...

    So there you go scarlet, you are not a big a klutz as you think...
  30. Both are highly anticepated but I would say Crysis will a big hit. It won't, maybe it won't sell as much as Halo 3 since you're gonna need Vista and DX10 graphics card and not to mention a decent rig to run Crysis smooth enough to be playable.

    Right now it's cheaper for me to go with Halo 3 since I have played the first two title and I have an Xbox 360. Crysis on the other maybe I'll get it by the end of this or next whenever I get my upgrades.
  31. I was never a fan of Halo.. I could never get myself satisfied with the controller and the movement.. I was born with some sort of malfunction when it came to consoles.. but give me a mouse and a keyboard and i'll rip some heads off. Halo 3 will sell no matter what. I saw a video of it looks nice.. But nothing compared to crysis. Overall both games will be killer for FPS fans no matter whether you hate one or the other or you just love them both. Though this has nothing to do with either games a great big talk of talks is now going to be turned to StarCraft 2... Its about damn time!!! can't wait! :twisted:
  32. Lol do they actually do that (cuss in high-pitched prepubescent voices)? That's console players for u: budget power users. I wonder if anyone will actually buy an Xbox just to play Halo 3 (in the same way as someone will buy a new video card to play a new game).
  33. I will be buying one around september, but not really for halo 3, more for gears of war, lost planet, stranglehold, possibly bioshock, bu ti might not get bioshock for 360, if i have a kick ass PC to play it on. I'm buying an 8800 GTX mostly for crysis ;)
  34. I bought a whole new pc for Half Life 2, and a console is way less than a pc, so i would say that lots of people would wait for Halo 3 to buy an Xbox. Something i find funny is the fact that Microsoft was going to release halo 3 on the day that the ps3 came out.. HAHA, The japs beat them this time..

    Oh and if you think that Starcraft will arrive any time soon i doubt it, cause remember the wait from warcraft 2 to starcraft, and remember the wait for diablo 2?

    Blizzard is good at putting out good vapourware. although WOW has given them a nice budget to work with... and the screens look pretty polished. But once again being blizzard, everything has to be short and fat, i swear the guy who does the modeling is an overweight dwarf.
  35. Wow, I totally agree with the guy in the video. he almost literally was saying what I was thinking. Like when he said "epic propartions" and stuff like that. But anyway, I completely agree with this guy. I also think the Halo series is overrated. I don't see how it is better than other First Person Shooter. But, Halo will obviously be way more popular and sell way more than Crysis. I think Crysis will be great, I'm really excited about it. I think it will be a better game than Halo. But I voted for Halo in this poll because it will obviously (imo) sell a lot more than Crysis.
  36. As many other people have said, I think Crysis will be a better game, will "Wow" (starts now?!) more people...

    But halo 3 is going to cream it in sales, many people, probably even a majority of people who have an Xbox 360 will get Halo 3, that wont happen for PC's (that can run it)

    PS to someone above, Crysis doesnt require DX10 or Vista, it just supports it.

    Re: Video getting better!
  37. Quote:

    PS to someone above, Crysis doesnt require DX10 or Vista, it just supports it.

    Indeed. Supports it. From what i heard theres a dramatic increase between useing DX9 and DX10. The game will require DX10 if you want the graphics blazing. If no DX10 and your stuck with DX9, you won't see what you want to see. And i'm sure we've all been down that road before, i have.. And i absolutely hate being stuck with the low to medium quality graphics.. i want max that game out to get its full potential. And i'm sure theres a big difference since DX10 is running a new API. I heard its much easier to make games for it 2. can't wait for crysis, as well as SC2. :lol:
  38. See these?

    Most of these videos were done in DirectX 9. There will be a difference, but so far it is very hard to tell without actually playing it.
  39. You should get better performance from DX 10, cause of the way it draws the simple textures... And as far as i am concerned it REQUIRES Dx10. Unless vista really is as bad as i think it is. vlite will have to get their crap together cause i want to cut my vista's microsoft cancer out.

    Hey who do you guys think looks cooler? Master-chief or Special Forces guy?

    My vote is with the covenant crusher, even though he was made by microsoft.
  40. I had never heard of Vlite til now, that is pretty damn cool. Whats wrong with it that they need to fix?
  41. Well basically the only good thing about windows is the fact that games work on it. And vista is just like all the other widows that had just come out, a hive of nasty bugs, you do anything even remotely complex and you get stung, so what i will do is remove all the features that 'optimize' the operating system's performance 'optimize' is microsoft lingo for 'ruin'. So what you do is cut out all the pre-caching of everything, remove all the unwanted drivers, get rid of the stupid themes, and the languages, keyboards, even fonts, this stops all of them from loading and slowing down your startup and wasting ram. Als you can squish in a lot more onto your install disk. My entire windows installation including, Open office, all drivers and winrar and foxit reader and firefox and flashget and everything needed for work takes up a grand total of 1 gig. Normally Xp alone is 3gig. And it is a butt load faster. You can cut out all the support for crap you dont use, and i basically use NOTHING, this pc is for games, the internet and to be used as a glorified typewriter. Just buy yourself a spindle of cd's and get cutting, get rid of as much as you possibly can, you can't break any hardware if you don't deselect any of the red options(don't touch them) and leave networking alone, except for internet explorer and net meeting.

    Oh and you can make your setup unattended so all in all it takes me 1 hour in total to format and have my entire pc back as it was.

    Nlite makes windows stable. just don't use any other microsoft products, you can get rid of everything, like security centre which is total crap, and that popup that say that drivers are not trusted and all the crap the makes the otherwise very good windows kernel work like rubbish.

    Trust me, you will not go back if you make yourself a good one. i can give you my config files if you want, though they don't have any camera support or anything basically, no phones, nothing, they are for a pc that never uses any rich boy gadgets. You can cut out windows media player too! best thing EVER. oh and you can add service packs, my config won't work for that... So i think it is best you just make your own, it seems a bit daunting at first but you wont believe how fast your pc ACTUALLY is. Read *everything* (except red options, just leave them alone) carefully and don't play around with data execution prevention or you wont be able to use daemon tools... And don't mess with the step where you can recompress the archives to save space on the disk, if you really needed to get that 4 meg extra you could just find a smaller driver file. Like omega versus catalyst.

    nLite is awesome.

    I still need to wait for a newer version of vLite cause it is not very descriptive of the vista features and i don't want to leave something in that is useless, or cut something out that is not. I don't even use a background, cause every 7 minutes or so windows refreshes, using memory. I only use 50mb memory before drivers, the Razer and ATI ones i have use a quite a bit. If you need that extra little bit of ram what you can do is end the explorer process and then run your game via the task manager's run function.

    If you get it right and you don't mind having a spartan looking windows then you won't go back, You can reskin it of course but who cares, the games graphics matter, not the dumb arse menus. The tweaks are useful, they are the last section. USE THEM, you can make your windows something wonderful as opposed to wanton.
  42. Would it be wise to just buy the basic Vista or the Ultimate? Just thought i'd ask since were on the subject. Its really hard to go spend $400 for a new OS.. Not looking for an upgrade really.
  43. I have the business edition through my school, so it gets rid of some stupid features i wont want (media center or something like that). But this program is definitely handy. I wont be installing until august, as Nvidia decided they wouldnt support Nforce 3 on Vista.

    Hang on, theres a program that does this for XP too? called nlite? ahaha sweet, might use it as ill be dual booting XP and vista, or rather tri booting with ubuntu as well.

    I guess this program is kinda like using msconfig and services.msc, plus more. sounds awesome, thanks for the tips!
  44. I dont like ubuntu, it might be south african (which usually means crappy) like me but that does not make me want to use it, i had one of the first few editions that mark shuttleworth was giving out and they SUCK. I heard that k-buntu is quite good, but like i said, i only use this pc for games....


    If you are using V-lite then i think it is best to save your money, otherwise go for the ultimate. Personally i will get the ultimate and work from there, but it is pretty damn expensive. And honestly i would wait for games to actually come out for DX10 that don't suck, and then still wait for a while for a vista service pack. I am going to avoid vista for as long as i possibly can. I only have an 80gb hdd so i dont think i will be moving any time soon. Eventually all pcs will be able to run vista so just wait till you can't buy anything good for dx9.

    I would say september will be good time to do so, cause if you look at all the release dates... Though i think they will wait for christmas to release everything which fck'n sucks, hopefully by then i will have crossfire.
  45. Quote:
    No no no no no no no no no. It's much simpler than that.

    Jessica Alba has bigger boobs, therefore, win.

    Frontside bus performance?
  46. Anyone remember seeing this. I don't know at what stage Crytek made this promise but a check at their site forums shows that a single 8800 GTX will be enough to run the game maxed out, how lame is that. I know system performance will always be ahead of the games we play on them but is this a major boner from the makers of this highly expected release.
  47. So you're saying it will look too good? Hah, if this game can last years, and get better as new hardware comes out, that would be godly. Nothing wrong with making a game prettier.
  48. UUUUM, No.

    System performance is WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY



    Behind graphics technology, that is why you get e tech team in big game developments, to tell the developers to slow the hell down for the hardware.

    Farcry is like 4 years old but until last year there were no cards that could run it at 1600*1200 maxed out AA and AF.

    Theory will always be ahead of practical application, Look at spirits within. The hardware they had that on must have had a VERY tough time.
  49. That makes sense Rabid, I'm a noob and saw some bad reporting then.
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