Need advice on mobo pick with other parts ready

These are the parts I have or in middle of shipping to my place:

Corsair xms2 DDR800 pc6400c4
seagate barracuda 7200.10 320gb
antec p180b
evga 7950gx2

Initially I was waiting for the new Asus nforce 590, but it seems it's being delayed till Oct 20th, and I'm tired of waiting. I've read on lots of mobo (p5w dh, p5b, badaxe, DS3, DQ6), and I still can't decide which would suite me better. I've heard the 965's are better for lower c2d (e6300/e6400) and 975 for my e6600.

Can anyone that has a similar setup as mines give me some feedback or suggestions? I want be to able to make use of all my components, and wouldn't mind OCing. The main use of pc will be gaming at 1680x1050 resolution. SLI not really needed, although I'm aware of the "modified" drivers for 975.

Thanks in advance for those who help.
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  1. I just finished building a very similiar rig (antec p180, 4 GB g.skill ddr2 HZ, E6600).

    I opted for the p5b deluxe, I have it overclocked to a 420 FSB (prime95 stable with the 614 bios and the multiplier on the E6600 dropped to 8 ). I'm sure I could have opted for an E6400 or E6300 and gotten a higher FSB clock, but I wanted the extra cache because this machine doubles as a game server in addition to being a gaming rig.

    If you want the option of dual graphics cards then I'd say go for a 975 board, or the Nvidia 590 intel board. My second choice would have been the Abit AW9D-max, but I needed more pci slots and didn't need the second, 16 lane pci-e slot.
  2. The P5W DH is arguably the best Conroe mobo out there. Look in Anandtech for a review called "feeding the monster" er something. But the P965 seems to be more future proof for quad-cores.
  3. Thanks for your reply! Indeed the Abit AW9D-max sure is sexy. considering I most likely will just use onboard sound (since it was reviewed as pretty good) and only use the pci-e slot for my 7950gx2.

    I tried finding info about gaming at 1680x1050, and it seems at that resolution it's less GPU bound than the normal 1600x1200. Therefor I think the OC ability of this board will pay off in terms of gaming performance. Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong guys :D

    So now I've narrowed down to Abit AW9D-max, Asus P5W-DH, or P5B Deluxe . I was considering Intel's badaxe but I read it doesn't support the 7950gx2 regardless of newest drivers. Gigabyte's DQ6 seems to have plenty of memory compatibility issues.

    ATM I'm leaning toward P5B...sorry I'm pretty indecisive since I've waited for the nforce 590 for 2 months and I'm kinda behind the newer developements of current mobos :cry:
  4. Here's your "Feeding the monster" link.
  5. hehe thanks for the link, although I've read through that before and its kinda dated now. I've decided to go with the p5w-dh and OC it to ~3.6

    any personaly recommendations regarding HSF? I checked out Scythe Infinity and it like barely fits into my case (p180b). Wouldn't mind something that'll handle 3.6OC and leave a little air flow in the case. Forgive me for asking such a noobish question as I would do my own research on HSF but I'm ordering the last parts within 2 hours :)
  6. The P5B Deluxe has become the new winner for me... read this other Anandtech review.Newer drivers, better OCing and future proof almost secure. Just something to think twice about.
  7. hehe I already ordered the p5w dh. Then I found that article lol. Good thing my pick is still good, as anand have put it in the same article :lol:
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