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I think I screwed up my computer by building it. Help!

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September 22, 2006 9:54:48 AM

Recently I built a computer after asking around in this forum. When I built it everything seemed fine. It booted up at the start, and I installed Windows 2000 and then Windows XP, then the problems arose.

When ever I booted up, it would give me an option to choose either Windows 2000 or Windows XP. It would not let me select an option because my keyboard wouldn't be working at that part in the loading process.

So, I checked around and found out and I can avoid that part of the boot up by deleting a line of code, which I did.

Then real problems began, the Windows XP disc I installed it with came with Service Pack 2. I was led to believe SP2 could detect hard drives larger then 127 gigabytes. It didn't so I check in the forums again and created more drives out of the 104 left over gigabytes from both hard drives.

When I tried to install games such as Warcraft 3, I repeated installs several times because constantly I would be getting errors saying that some sound file was not found. This could be the CD's fault but I reinstalled several times and kept getting this error. This seems to happen with other programs where I can't seem to install the program because an error happens midway or almost at the end.

If I try to play Counter Strike: Source from the icon instead of the Steam menu I would get the box when you get when you try to close a program that is not responding.

My Windows Media Player would stop and I would have to go further onto whatever I would be watching for it too continue for it stop again a little down the road.

When ever I try to extract rar files they would always be corrupt and unusable.

Sometimes when I move icons from my desktop a line would appear right on the bottom part of where the icon used to be.

Sometimes I would try to run a program and the program would not respond. On the Task Manager it would show the program in the process list but nowhere else.

Overall, I am getting errors I have never gotten before and little problems I really never have experienced before, so you can expect the kind of anxiety I am in after having these problems on my first homebuilt computer.

I don't know what I did during the making of my computer but I did follow the manuals.

Is my computer messed up? Should I go to a professional? Is there anything I can to to diagnose my computer or fix it?

Errrgh, on top of all this when I try to delete some files they stay in the recycle bin and are highlightable but when I look at the recycle bin icon it shows it as empty and when I exit out of the recycle bin folder and reenter the items are gone.

Now I am getting errors that are saying a generic host process for Win32 had failed or something like that and my browser looks very old almost like a Windows 98 Broswer.

My computer specs if that is important are:

e6300 Processor
Gigabyte 965p DS3 Motherboard
2 Gigs of Patriot DDR2 667 Memory
2x Western Digitial 250 Gigabyte Hard Drives
MSI NX7600GT Geforce 7600 256MB DDR3 Video Card

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September 22, 2006 10:25:05 AM

Ah man, I think it's better to say "I think you screwed up your computer by installing Windows..." ;) 

Seriously, that sounds like a whole bundle of different problems - my stock advice in this kind of situation is "reinstall windows".

If that doesn't work you need to get into hardware troubleshooting. I suppose it could be bad RAM or a faulty hard disk (creeping corruption), but my suspicion lies with Windows.
September 22, 2006 11:09:33 AM

Ah man, I think it's better to say "I think you screwed up your computer by installing Windows..." ;) 

Seriously, that sounds like a whole bundle of different problems - my stock advice in this kind of situation is "reinstall windows".

If that doesn't work you need to get into hardware troubleshooting. I suppose it could be bad RAM or a faulty hard disk (creeping corruption), but my suspicion lies with Windows.

I agree with mkaibear. Something got boogered up during the install of XP and it's causing issues. Insert the disk that came with the 250 gigs and make sure XP is seeing them correctly before installing. Are you installing 2000 because you only have an XP upgrade?

Perform a clean install, then run prime 95 and see if you get any errors.

Hope this helps....
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September 22, 2006 11:42:36 AM

I would get a full OEM version of XP. Installing windows 2000 and then upgrading is just going to cause you headaches. Especially with a new machine. Believe me the money you would spend is worth more than all the frustration you will encounter.
September 22, 2006 11:51:02 AM

Yes, in his situation, the 1st thing I would do is reinstall Windows.
September 22, 2006 11:55:31 AM

I don't know if it works the same way with Win 2000 but when you upgrade from win 98 to win XP, you don't have to do a full install of the OS you're upgrading. What you do is, you start installing your XP upgrade right up and during that process you'll be asked to insert you win 98(win 2000) as a proof that you're really upgrading from a previous OS. Your disk will be scanned than you can remove it and put back you XP upgrade and the process will continue. I have done that countless of time.

I am not sure if it will work the same way for Win 2000 but if it does, it's a lot better that way then installing your upgrade over you're existing OS. A lot less chance of conflict.

So in Short :

1- Format HD

2- Start installing your XP upgrade right up

3- Insert your Win 2000 when asked to

4- Remove your Win 2000 disk and put back in your XP disk

5- Process should continue

Well that's just a guess but I don't see why this process wouldn't work with win 2000.
September 22, 2006 12:32:15 PM

Definitely, format and reinstall. Are you installing a full version of XP or is it an upgrade from 2k. When I upgraded I never got the dual boot senario that you are speaking of. If you are trying to install both full versions for a dual boot system, install XP first and make sure the hardware is stable before installing 2k. If the clean install does not help start trouble shooting the hardware.
Remember, it will be an long frustrating endevor but it is well worth the knowledge gained in the end.
September 22, 2006 2:05:26 PM

the reason you cant see the whole drive is usually caused by not having installed the sata drivers for your motherboard.

so you should reinstall windows
install all your motherboard drivers

then if you still have problems i think its your ram not running as it should...there are reports of the bios on your mobo not reading ram spd and voltage values correctly causing it to corrupt everything and have errors.

download this tool and run it

if you get any errors at all after running it to 100% then you know that you have to tweak the bios to get memory running correct

only when you can run the tool with no errors do you know that the memory is runniing correct

good luck
September 22, 2006 10:41:38 PM

I will run that tool overnight. Thank you for that source.

About my reformatting. I have 4 drives in my hard drive space where I would normally have a C drive. I guess it's because I have 2 hard drives. I have drives C, D, F, H. C and D have what seems like Windows on them, also I think one of them has Windows 2000 and the other Windows XP. F and H and just empty. F and H and the drives that I created from the 104 gigabytes I didn't get/see from C and D. Now I want to wipe all my drives clean so I can reinstall Windows.

Considering I have 4 drives and possibly still 2 operating systems, Windows 2000 and XP, how do I go about cleaning my drives so I can reinstall XP?
September 22, 2006 10:47:40 PM

Sorry if you already mentioned this (I skimmed!). But are the drives running in RAID? If so, did you install the RAID drivers prior to running the Windows Set-up?
September 22, 2006 11:10:18 PM

I don't think I did a raid setup before I installed Windows. I would like to create it sometime soon, but I do not believe I did.