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When i open connection stats for my nic the number of packets "Sent" keeps reseting to zero resulting in slow loading of web pages and stop and go gaming. So i tried reinstalling the drivers and it did not help, so i thought it might be bad. I tried another nic with the same result. Both of them have the same problem with packets "Sent" never going over a couple thosuand if that, before it goes back to zero. I also reformated and reinstalled windows to see if it helps but both still act up. I tried other stuff to no avil and im totally stumped. Please help.
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  1. What is at the other end of that network cable? Modem? Home Router? Switch?
    If it is a modem try giving it a full restart (leave it unplugged for a few min).
    If it is a home router or switch try restarting it or moving the network cable to another port. If there is another computer connected to the router/switch is it having any problems as well?
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