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Hi all, advice needed.

I am currently in the middle of a new build and don’t really know how to partition my hard drives. With hard drives, I have two new SATA 250gb drives and one old 160gb IDE drive (from last machine).

What will be the best configuration? I wish use the computer for video editing and gaming. I have 2gb ram in my system.

I was planning to have RAID0 for the two 250 gb as the main workarea for video editing. I will use the 160gb with three partitions - Windows system partition, pagefile partition and storage partition for music and photos.
Is this configuration wise and/or fast?

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  1. If your doing a new build, three partitions on an IDE drive does not make a whole lot of sense. If your bulding a new rig, ata native OS will not do much for you. You may want to put your OS in the raid 0 and just have two partitions for Pagefile and storage.
  2. Set the RAID for the SATA's and use the IDE for storage.
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