upgrading a pc / building, first time.

I have a dim 1100, it sucks, i admit. What im planning on doing is to buy a new case and a new mobo and then put all my old parts on to it. This will give me a pci-e slot meaning i can upgrade my graphics :D . saddly id have to rebuy windows, oo well.

the main idea of this is not to get an uber gaming pc, but to get an easily upgradable one, so in the future it will be an uber gaming pc :D .

here is the case and mobo i have in mind.


the hardware that will go in to it...
2 x 512mb ddr pc3200 RAM
Celeron d proccesor, it has a LGA775 socket
2 ide hdds
2 ide dvd drives
a usb pci card
and temporarily a geforce fx 5200 pci GFX card

anyone see any problems, anything ive overlooked, the smallest thing?
remember this will be my first major upgrade, well i have installed a secondary dvd drive, a secondary ide hdd, ram, some pci cards and my rubish pci gfx card.

remember im a bit of a noob when it comes to motherboards and PSUs and other such things.

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  1. if possible could anyone give me a step by step guide specificly for this motherboard.
  2. Instead of buying windows, why not use yoou existing drive and Ghost the image to one of your new drives. You will have to fix a few driver conflicts but that may not be to bad.
  3. mmmmm, id have thought the pc would have been completely screwed, i'll think about that though, thanks.
  4. does this board acctually have ide slots? im confused :?
  5. im sure the board i listed could use the ram, and why wouldnt it suppourt the card. but i might get that board u listed anyway, it looks much nicer :D . Thanks
  6. vista ready ehy? i shouldnt have any problems running xp till then should i ?
  7. thats the plan, im gonna get a new card as soon as the system is uo and running.
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