Asus P5B (non-Delux) Memory Problems

My friend built his son a new PC for his birthday. Problem is, it's very unstable. We knew going into this build that this motherboard had memory issues, but we thought that recent bios updates had fixed this issue. Apparantly not. Below is the post he made to the OCZ forums about the memory problems.

OCZ part number:-OCZ2P800R22GK
Module size and kit size:-2 x 1gb kit
CPU model and rated speed:-Intel C2D E6400
Overclocked CPU speed:-
Divider and FSB used:-
Motherboard and revision:-Asus P5B
Motherboard Bios rev:-0509
Video card:-Nvidia 7900GT
Power supply:-
Operating System:-XP
CPU and System Cooling:-
CPU and System temps:-
Purchased at/on:-newegg, 9/13/2006

I appear to be having the same issues many others are reporting with the OCZ DDR2-800 memory and the Asus P5B motherboard (not Deluxe or anything else, just P5B). I have the latest Bios installed (0509). I tried using all the AUTO settings. I manually set it to DDR2-800. I manually set the voltage to 1.9, 2.0, 2.1. I manually set the timings to various combinations (4-4-4-15, 5-5-5-15, 4-4-4-12, 5-5-5-12, there are probably some others). I have Windows XP installed. It will boot and work for a little while, but then when playing games or music, the machine begins to lockup, will freeze, and sometimes reboot. I've seen very similar posts, which leads me to believe it is the memory/mobo combo that's having the issue. Nothing has worked for me, and I was hoping I could get a concise list of settings that will make this memory work. Perhaps the answer is right there staring me in the face, but it's late and I'm tired. Please help!

He didn't post to Asus's forums (they're crap anyway), even though we're pretty sure it's the motherboard that's the real problem. As you can see, he's tried a number of settings from timings to voltages. You shouldn't have to work this hard just to get memory and motherboard to work together.

Has anyone found a definate answer to this problem that works? Anyone know the magic conbination of settings to resolve this issue?

I'm feeling really bad because I helped him pick out the parts for this PC, and I feel like Asus and OCZ have REALLY let me down.

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  1. I have the OCZ Gold OZC2G8002GK on both a P5B and a P5B deluxe. They both have problem with the stock mobo but were fine after BIOS update. I kept the voltage and latency setting on manual using the info that's on my sticks and the yhave been stable thru hours of Orthos and games.
  2. What timings and voltage are you running at?

    On neweeg, it says the timings for the OCZ2P8002GK memory are 4-5-4-15, but they don't give the voltage.

    The OCZ2P800R22GK memory is supposed to run at 4-4-4-15 at 2.1V.

    Thanks for the reply.

  3. I'm at the office now and my new PC is back home but I think it's 2.0V 5-5-5-12. It's on the little sticker on one side of the module. Acoording to the OCZ site here:

    It's 4-4-4-15 and 1.9-2.0V. Have you try pulling and reseating them a few times and check reseat all card in the PC.
  4. I'm not aware that he's tried reseating them. But I will suggest that if he hasn't read your reply and tried it already. I sent him the link to the post. Told him there's no better place for computer questions.

    Thanks for the help. I'll reply when we've had a chance to try reseating and if we find anything else.
  5. Got some more info.

    He RMA'd the memory, and got some Corsair DDR2 800 memory that runs at 1.9V.

    It's pretty stable just surfing the web or doing email. But whenever he starts to do something graphics intensive, the screen starts to tear and he locks up.

    Here's part of an email he sent me about the new angle he's taking:

    I was flipping through the mb guide and noticed one of the "features" was that idiot PEG Link Mode stuff. Unfortunately, I don't see a way to disable it in the BIOS of the P5B. And the MSI card I got is factory overclocked. I think this AMD board that has PEG Link Mode had an issue too, but I disabled it in the BIOS. Googling it makes it look like the P5B-Deluxe does have the option in BIOS. I don't know that this is the problem, but I'm starting to lean away from memory now. As long as I'm not doing anything graphics intense, it works ok (sufing the web, typing in notepad, etc.). If I load up EQ2, it happens pretty darn fast now (whereas I could play for a bit before and it would lock, although it started the fast lockups while I still had the OCZ memory in there too). It'll also do it if I try to find 'optimal' clock settings via the coolbits extension in the nvidia control panel.

    Anyone have any ideas about anything we can try?

  6. I'm beginning to think it's the graphics card. Did he plug in the PCI-E power connector to the card? Another possibility is the PSU, what is he using? It seems to be a power issue as the graphics card work fine in 2D and locks when he goes into 3D intensive stuff.
  7. He checked the video card to make sure it was connected correctly.

    I suggested trying a different video card. He's gonna try that afer work.

    You're also right about the power supply. What we're seeing could mean a problem with that as well. Not sure he has one easily at hand, but we'll figure out something. Would suck to have to pull one out of another PC, but I guess that's what we'll have to do.

    Anyone have any extra information on this "PEG Link Mode" feature? We've issues with that before, but turning it off fixed the problem. Only in this BIOS, we can't find where to kill it, and this is a different animal (was an AMD board before).

    I'll post again once we've tried a few more things.

  8. I got the same motherboard, and have so many problems with it... My problems are not related to memory... I have problems with total system unreliabilty...

    See Asus built a Peace of Crap, and called it P5B BASIC...

    I still use this mobo, and I PRAY that it will work one day...

    My solution to you, return the MoBo from where you got it, and get a different brand.

    See for more information on why this mobo sucks, and how we got totally screwed by Asus.
  9. Actually it's the memory. Have you tried any other brand? My P5B is actually more stable than my P5B-D when overclocked to a 400FSB.
  10. Quote:
    Actually it's the memory. Have you tried any other brand? My P5B is actually more stable than my P5B-D when overclocked to a 400FSB.

    I think my biggest problem is the 2.1v limit on memory voltages... Most 1066 memory uses 2.2v

    I pray that they upgrade this bios to support 2.2v

    If they dont, I will be asking Santa for a Giga-byte... Hopefully there will be some really good mobo's out by then.

    Wusy's guide specifically singles out the p5b Basic for overclocking. He has good reason and knowledge behind this decision... Too bad this guide wasnt out when I got my P5B...

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