Blocking internet access on one hub, is it possible?

I don't know exactly if this should go in this section, so I apoligise id this is not correct.

I currently have a have a hub with 8 connections and I would like have another hub where i can connect connections for which I would like to deny internet access.

I already have the hub and would like to know if there exists something that I can connect between these two hubs so one on them has internet acces and the other doesn't.

I need them to communicate with each other and one of them has an internet connection connected to it.

I would like to allow the hub without internet access to be able to communicate with IP addresses 10.###.###.### only as I don't want to block port 80 to prevent internet access.

Is this possible?
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  1. 2 things you could do:
    1. set the computers that dont have internet to use a proxy server. With no proxy server available, internet fails. Or you could just not setup internet access at all on those computers.
    2. setup the non-internet computers in their own address range and use a manged router to run an acl to block port 80 on that address range of computers.

    I dont know of any hubs that can do any kind of blocking.
  2. My Linksys router (BEFVP41 I think) can do that - you assign a specific IP address (not DHCP, but manually configured) and set the router's config page to filter those requests - they couldn't hit the internet.

    so I'd say get a $50 broadband router (you don't need the one I have - I got it for vpn capability - the BEFSRwhatevernumbertheyareatnow is fine) and block those computer's IPs.

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