Help me!!! NFSU is S-L-O-W

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OK, maybe a slight over-exaggeration...

OK, here's my problem, and I'm hoping some of you knowledgeable folk out
there will know an instant answer (hoping not expecting!!!)

I've been running NFSU for a long time. Just recently (within the last 6
months or so) it started stuttering every 10 secs or so. By stuttering I
mean that it pauses half a second or so every 10 seconds. I'm guessing that
it's loading textures really badly, because after the first lap on a normal
game it's fine. Updates are fine etc.

My graphics card is a Geforce FX 5200. I'm pretty satisfied with the
performance of the card in general. Is there anything I can do or anything
you guys might know out there that could help me? I have the latest Nvidia,
AMD (it's a 761 on the motherboard) and Via drivers. I've got Directx9.0c,
although it wasn't happy on Directx9.0 either. Basically, I'm wondering if
it's the FX5200 at fault or the MB, or both or what????? It's really bugging
me because I'm an I.T. support person and used to sorting PC problems out,
but this one is turning into a bit of a PIG!!!!

The demo of NFSU was fine... The game was fine.... Now it's slow, almost
unplayable! The one thing I did notice was that the more the textures and
game quality was tweaked up a couple of notches, the more frequent the
"pauses" were during game play. That's why I think it's a "texture" thing
going on. (smaller textures, 10 secs between pauses, bigger
details/textures, as close as 3 secs between pauses.)

Stats on my system.....

Gigabyte motherboard with VIA chipset & AMD Northbridge.
half a gig of memory (used to be a gig, but I took a 512Mb DIMM out to try
it... Seems a bit faster!! :o)
3 HD's (30Gb & 2 10 Gb) (must mention that it had the same problems with
just the original HD, in case you're wondering!)
Athlon running at 1.8 (I believe it's a 2.0+ but my MB doesn't support the
Geforce FX 5200 (not sure of manufacturer)
MS Sidewinder Precision Wheel
Intel Anypoint Modem(not that THAT's going to make a difference!!!)

Obviously this is really starting to upset me, even though I've completed
the game 3 times, it's so playable that I want to keep on playing! So if
anybody (god-like or otherwise) out there can help me or give me a few
suggestions to try, I will be eternally grateful!!!

Thanks in advance,

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    cant get it runnig at full speed either let me know if there are any fixes
  2. Archived from groups: (More info?)

    On 25-Oct-2004, "dominator" <> wrote:

    > cant get it runnig at full speed either let me know if there are any
    > fixes

    To you and the OP, may I suggest checking for spyware etc.
    Ad-Aware and SpyBot Search & Destroy.
    They are both free, for them.
    It is possible some of the slow down is from too much running in the
    background, another great utility to have is StartCop (again, free), it lets
    you control what loads at startup.
    Good luck.
    Don't Panic!
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