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After reading the posts and reviews I concluded ATI tv wonder Elite is one of the best tuner cards available for around 100$, better than Hauppauge PVR 150 I intended to buy.
The only issue, I read someone's post sayng a new version based on an improved chipset is coming soon, and I dont want to get something obsolete. Is there a new card coming out and anyone know a date? Shoud I buy now or wait?
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  1. I am assuming that you are talking about the upcoming ATI TV Wonder 650.
    It uses the new 650 pro chip.

    In my opinion, you won't notice too much difference between these two tuners. ATI Elite is a much more reasonably pirced product. The new 650 will come well above 100, I believe it will be $149, and althought the remote is free, you have to pay about $13 for the shipping cost. ATI Elite comes with a remote. So I'd go with the ATI Elite.
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