A7A266 Windows Instalation Nightmare

Win95 instalation completes scandisk then posts "CANNOT CREATE TEMPORARY DIRECTORY this may be caused by too many files in the root directory" Which of course it aint. Then I can no longer see any file entries when I call "DIR" on the cdrom until a reboot. I have installed Win95 on a bare HD in the past, might have forgotten a setup step but I'm more inclined to suss a hardware prob. Asus A7A266, Maxtor VL40 30.7GB, and a Mitsumi CR4805TE ReWriter are the main players. Any help would be magic.
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  1. Are you sure the C: drive is working OK?

    Can you boot from a DOS floppy then, say, copy a file across to the C: drive to prove it.
  2. Start from scratch again.
    Delete with FDISK all partitions. Restart all the time when asked.
    Then FDISK /MBR
    Create partition(s) with FDISK. Make one as active.

    Check you harddrive by running scandisk from just bare DOS before Win95 install (though isn't able to find all the errors as Win95 can).
    After that you install Win95.
    Any problem, look through README *.txt files on the Win95 CD, try to use appropriate IGNORE option(s).
    If the Scandisk continues to give you an error massage, you HDD or the CD are probably bad.

    Good idea to copy the Win95 CD on the HDD and do install from the harddrive.
  3. Thanks guys for the help. Eventualy got there with the much needed "Install OS disk to local HD tip". Had to boot into command promt safe mode to get all the way through the install. Thanks again.
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