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I just bought this piece of hardware and using it thru the USB option it works fine and it is very fast, but when i connect it to my network thru the ethernet port if i use it in a very easy way (read and write small files for a short period of time) it works fine, but if i start give it some heavy load (copy very large files 1 gb or 1.5 gb.) it start and after a couple minutes it stoped responding and i'm forced to do a power cycle. This happens in my Mac and PC it seams that after a long period of time of havy use it happens the same, it hangs and i need to reboot it.

Any ideas?

Maurice S. Villarreal
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  1. Are you directly connected via cat6 or are you going through a simple network?
  2. Yes it is connected thru a CAT6 cable. Anyway i going to change it today to see what happends.

  3. Sorry, but directly connected? No router\switch?
  4. Done. Same problem, after a long period of activity it hangs and it needs a power cycle.
  5. Have you tired configuring it through a swithch?
  6. Normally, it is connected to a 10/100 switch along another 3 computers, BTW, when i use the NexStar from any other computer it behave in the same way, after a long period of activity, it hungs.
  7. Is the drive NTFS or Fat? Be sure it's NTFS, then update the firmware. Be sure the network congfig speed is set to auto or atleast 100. If you are going through a router, be sure that DHCP is off and IP is auto. If your still have trouble, try to set up an ftp server with it, see if the transfers time out then. Lastly, RMA.
  8. It is on a FAT and there is not firmware update yet. So, i think i'm screwed. I need to wait for a new firmware, if it going to come out any day.

    Thanks anyway.
  9. Thats just strange, your not getting any 'name to long' network errors are you? These typs of errors are related to NIC speed configurations. Auto sometimes is not the best, although I'm not to sure your device has that option. Since the usb configuration works well, you could dummy it with an adapter to the network? Not sure if that would work, but my logic (which is usually off) thinks it would. Good luck.
  10. Thank you very much for your ideas. Let's see when this guys update the firmware.
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