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I'd be grateful for any advice for the following problem:

I have an old pc with FIC VB501-V mb and have recently formatted the hard drive and installed XP Pro on the PC. I bought a new PCI Network card and installed it in the pc.

I booted the PC up and the add new hardware wizard didn't appear.
I ran the add new hardware wizard manually, and XP couldn't find my network card - no new entry in device manager either.

I moved the card to another PCI slot and tried again. Again it was not recognised with nothing new in device manager.

I removed the sound card from its PCI slot, and put the network card in its place. Nothing - not recognised as new hardware and nothing in device manager. However, the sound card entry was now missing from device manager.

I replaced the sound card back in its original slot and rebooted. Add new hardware wizard didn't run, but the sound card entry was back in device manager.

I was beginning to suspect that I had a duff network card, so I installed it in another pc running XP Pro, and the add new hardware wizard detected it. I installed the drivers etc. etc., with no problems.

Am I missing something obvious here, or is there a problem with my mb? I went to the FIC website and installed the VIA PCI Bus driver, even though I think it was installed as part of the XP install. Other than telling me my IDE drive was now driven by a SCSI/Raid controller, it didn't affect my network card. It still wasn't recognised.

I've now left the network card in place, and reformatted the HDD and reinstalled XP Pro. Nothing. The NIC card is still not recognised.

Any advice would be gratefully received. Thanks

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  1. You've done what I would have done, move the card around and removed the sound card. It sounds like it is a IRQ conflict, but moving and/or removing the other cards should have fixed it. I'm not sure there is anything else you can do at this point. If you can't manually run the driver installation, and there isn't any nic showing up in device manager so you can install the driver from there, and the new hardware wizard isn't showing up, then that's pretty much all you can do.

    Think it's time to get another nic of a different brand. The best, IMO, are 3com and intel.
  2. Is the card being recognised by the bios? Pause during booting at the pci detection screen and see if it's there.

    If it is, great, if not your mobo and nic don't get on. I'm not sure how old your mobo is, but the pci spec has changed over the years.

    If it shows up in the bios, boot xp in safe mode and see if the nic shows up in device manager. If so remove it from device manager and reboot.

    hope this helps.
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