On board sound decided to stop working

Well you all have seen this problem a thousand times and I've read every forum there is and tried everything I can but still nothing, I could really use some help cause I've nearly lost the will to live.

Last week I turned my pc on but didnt get any sound, :cry: I looked at all my settings and everything says I should be getting sound. I've tested my speakers on another pc but they work fine. My BIOS settings are all ok and I've updated every driver I could think of. I have a AC 97 Audio Codec if that helps. I'm really at a loss at why it just stoped working. I dont really know that much about this so any help you guys could give me would be great. Thanks
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  1. Did you check if you sound card is correctly detected ? If yes, it may only be a problem with the 1/8" Jack you insert for listening on the back of your computer. Check if you can plug a front panel :!: for your audio connector, so that you plug it in front with a wire that go on your motherboard, there is usually a place for front panel audio.

    However, If your card is not listed in the PNP device at startup screen just after the bios load (presuming you dont have a fullscreen bootlogo, you should see "Multimedia audio controller" when you boot) then the card stopped fonctionning completly and it's looking bad :(
  2. I have the exact same problem going on right now. It's pissing me off to no end.
  3. AS dumb as this sounds, (no pun intended), I have had simmilar problems in the past on Windows XP. The way I was able to finly get things working is go download the network install version of SP2.


    Then install it and reboot. For Some reason, this has cleared up many random problems I have had in the past.

    Hope this helps out!
  4. That did it for me. That was stupid.
  5. Like I said, "As Stupid as this sounds..." :-)

    Glad it helped you out!
  6. Thanks for the link!!

    Have had that exact same problem with my new build for a week now, but after installed SP2 from that link and reinstalled the audio driver which came with the motherboard (I'm using on board sound) finally got the sound going.
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