Something Strange With My Sony VAIO

Hello -
I'm not quite sure where to put this topic, as I'veno idea what's wrong, but I figured I'd ask here.

I recently came back home to see a strange popup Windows message on my sony vaio (RB42G desktop, with an acer monitor) saying something about a driver failure. The graphics on the computer were all oddly coloured and weirdly sized. Since I couldn't restart normally due to this weird graphic thing, I used the power button on the side of the vaio

when it restarted, i could hear the computer going on, could tell it was working due to the startup noise, and knew that the monitor worked as well (it displayed the Acer logo). I checked the cable and still - nothing. The screen registers as black.

I called SONY tech support and the person on the phone asked me to disconnect everything, reconnect, then press f2 repeatedly and look for an orange light. I see the orange light blinking, sometimes - but now I don't even hear the windows startup music. I plan to bring the computer to a repair place, but before I go - what is the problem, and could it be fixable?
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  1. Sounds like your video driver got messed up some how. Have you tried getting into safe mode, hit the F8 key as Windeows starts booting. If you can boot into safe mode, uninstall your video driver and any software for the video card and try to reboot. If this works, then get the latest version of the video driver and reinstall it.
  2. yup try that and if you are able make sure you go into safe mode with network options enabled. There is an easier way for that that I have found which is start-run-msconfig-boot-safemode with networking enabled. If you do it the way that I told you, you need to do the same thing and uncheck that option for it to run normally. Another thing dude in case your card failed which also could be the case (will the machine start up n stuff so that you can see windows?) Make sure you keep that thing dust free! Blow out case with canned air or if you have an air compressor at home use that. Once in safe mode go to the manufacturers website (hopefully you have a card and not some lame ass onboard graphics). If you have onboard then get driver from sony. It should be either or Find out what kinda card you have under start-control panel-system-hardware-device manager-display adapter. That will tell ya the make and manufactuer. From there you should know what company to get drivers from. Like I said if it says dedicated or onboard you need to go to sony to get the drivers. Good luck bra
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