Comcastic crash


I did not really know, where I was suppost to post this, but I need serious help, so I just put it here.

I have comcast broad band access.
The whole network is build up of:
1) Comcast Cable Modem
2) D-Link VoIP Gateway (DVG-1120M)
3) D-Link Wireless Router (DI-524)

I am (or much more my computer is) directly connected to the Wireless Router over a 100MBits/sec LAN connection. Since two days now, the speed went down from like 300 - 500 KBits/sec connection speed (what I assume was the regular for a cable modem where I life) to 5 - 30 KBits/sec. So I do not really think, that it is a problem by/with Comcast, but much more a hardware problem. I linked my LAN cable directly up to the VoIP Gateway, but that did not change anything with the speed either, and I can not really hook it up to the Cable Modem, because I need the phone working all the time (which is connected to the VoIP Gateway). Yeah sometimes, I got peaks in the connection (for like a minute) with the regular connection speed, but then it right dropps back down.

So I really do not know what it is. I do not hope that it is the Cable Modem, but right now that is the only thing I can think of, which really could be it physically. I mean nobody on the network is downloading, and I did not change anything on the software settings in the Wireless Router, so there should not be a software problem either.

Does anybody know what this is?
If yes, please help me.

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  1. part of you paying comcast a monthly fee is for them to trouble shoot these kinds of problems. CALL COMCAST
  2. if I got this right you have internet----comcast----cable/modem---d-linkvoice---router-----computers.

    I have seen this problem before with vonage where the voice router kept killing the access to the internet. This device is not really good for what they say it needs. what I would do is set it up like this.


    well in line the voice router and the computers both get pluged into the d-link router that you said you have. There should be some lan ports on the back so the voice router should plug right into it make sure it has dhcp server on so it will pass the voice router a ip once the voice router gets an ip it should have no problems connecting to the internet.

    if my guess is wrong then you need to tell us how you got things plugged in there or provide a picture something more comcast will not support the routers much.
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