E6300 Build - Advice on Ram/Vid Card

Alright, i'm a long time lurker just reading up on the forums and stuff trying to plan out a core2 build. But now i have some questions and it seems that the most knowledgeable people are right here. So here's the goal: 3.0. Seems easy enough, now knowing that i need some advice on parts and such... This is what i have and what i'm considering (bold will denote things i've already bought or am i going to buy no matter what).

CPU: E6300
CPU Fan: Arctic Freezer 7 Pro
Mobo: P965-DS3

GPU: EVGA 7600GT *used* or ATI x850XT w/ Arctic V5 cooler *used* (i can get them both for the same price, what would be better? i will likely upg to a dx10 card, i just need something to tide me over, i know the 7000 series and x1000 series cards will be able to "run" dx10, will the x850 be able to? thx) also taking suggestions in the ~150 CAD price range
RAM: OCZ Platinum XTC PC2-6400 2GB 2X1GB DDR2-800 or Mushkin SP PC2-5300 2GB 2X1GB DDR2-667 or Kingston ValueRAM PC2-5400 2GB 2X1GB DDR2-667 (all approx same price $270 CAD, which would be better for oc'ing, or would it matter since my goal is only 3.0?) also taking suggestions in the ~250 CAD price range
PSU: Enermax Liberty 500 watt

Drives, etc are all taken care of.

thanks for any help guys.
Other notes: money is an issue, cheaper = better for me to some extent
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  1. ahhh! i know, and it's a great price, i've been having tons of trouble finding it available in canada...

    other suggestions?
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