audigy 2zs platinum front panel microphone jack doesnot work

The front panel microphone/linein2 jack on my soundblaster audigy 2zs platinum doesn't seem to work with my cyber acoustics headset. I tried both jumper settings for the microphone type and it doesn't work for either not sure what type of microphone is on the headset but I think it is dynamic but i tried the other setting on jumper just to make sure I made sure line in/mic 2 is selected and the volume was turned up for the mic 2 and no dice. The headset mic works if its plugged into the rear jack on the card itself but thats a real pain to have to hook up my headset and disconnect my speakers when ever I want to play counterstrike. The headphone jack on the front pannel works though. Not sure why the microphone jack doesn't work. Any suggestions?
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  1. the important piece of missing info, is: Do the rest of the front I/O pannel features work?
  2. the rest of jacks i tested seem to work. the headphone jack works as does the aux in red and white, and the optical out has a red light so i assume that works too. haven't tested everything else but those 3 seem to work.
  3. so, you plug your headset into the line in two, at least the mic part, and then you plug in the sound input into the front headphone jack?
  4. yup, the headphones part works the mic doesn't if pluged in the front pannel.

    both work if pluged directly to the back of the sound card
  5. Damn, it wasn't what I thought it might be, have you checked to see if there is a software option that corresponds to the jumper changes? I don't know if I can really help at all this seems really weird maybe contact creative.
  6. I contacted creative but I figured I'd post here just in case someone had a similar issue and knew how to solve it.

    Thanks for responding.
  7. Ummm, I'm sure you've tried this, but the second knobby on the front controls mic volume. Is it on?
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