HAving a problem with the Crosshair mobo

Prelude: My computer was working just fine until I set the timings in the BIOS. Its after I did this and restarted I had problems

So last night I restarted my computer and decided to go into the BIOS to check everything out making sure everything was set correctly and decide to set my RAM speeds to what they should be (they were at 5-5-5-18 and are supposed to be running at 4-4-4-12) After getting done setting that up I saved and restarted. Upon restart the LCD screen poster said that it didn't detect my RAM and I had no display on my monitor.

I decided then to try and rest CMOS so I powered down the machine and unplugged the power and so I held down the CMOS button to allow it to reset to the default BIOS AUTO congifuration. When I booted it back up it was still giving me the same DET DRAM error message. I decided then for safe measure to replace the battery on the motherbaord to see if that was the problem but to no avail.

I talked to ASUS support and the 2 people I talked with basicly said it was either my memory or motherboard though they didn't seem to display any knowledge of the diffrent BIOS options so im kind of iffy one their veiw of it.

If anyone can give me insight on what may be wrong it would be greatly appreciated.

Specs of my PC are as follows:

ASUS Crosshair mobo
AMD AM2 4200+
Corsair XMS DDR2 800 -EPP CM2X10246400C4
ASUS Atlas 500W PSU
eVGA 7900GT KO
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  1. If you can try a different stick of DDR2 then do that. Also try different slots, only one DIMM etc... and see if you can try your RAM in someone you know's computer (even if it's just some crappy Dell or something).

    If that doesn't work (obviously you can't POST to run Memtest) then it's the mobo, so get ready to RMA.
  2. The only problem with RMA'ing my mobo is its already been 2 months so its past the 30day RMA.

    To some extent im really hoping its the motherboard because the memory I purchased has gone up $60-70 in price.

    If anyone can suggest a replacement board.
    I was thinking a Foxconn 590 SLI
  3. disable ecc checking in bios
  4. Quote:
    disable ecc checking in bios

    If it was working before, then that won't help. I doubt very much that a BIOS will default to ECC, also.

    Reading over your problem again, you say you're getting a DRAM detection error - how is it your PC is booting if the RAM isn't functional? I'm pretty sure I've never booted a system without any RAM in it - which would surely point to a faulty motherboard.
  5. Quote:
    After getting done setting that up I saved and restarted.

    OK from what you're saying you can hold down the Delete key and still enter the CMOS setup Right?

    If you can?, try clearing the CMOS again, reset the date and time, set to boot to Optimized Defaults, and make sure everything is set on Auto Configuration, Save and Reboot.

    IF that doesn't bring you up, make sure everything is seated properly, remove the RAM modules and reseat them, remove the video card and reseat it, check all cables and connections, make sure all M/B mounting screws are snug, and all P/S connections to the M/B are in place.

    Check while in the CMOS setup the Health status, CPU temp, cooling fan RPMs, reported voltages Etc.

    If that doesn't work?, try 1 memory module at the time to see if it will boot at all, but I seriously doubt the Corsair Ram is at fault, I may just be lucky but I've never had any Corsair Ram fail ever, but I have had ASUS M/B failure.

    If all attempts fail!

    It doesn't matter how long you've had the M/B if its still under the manufacturers warranty they're still going to have to make it good, and hopefully you kept the box it came in.

    Try to get an RMA anyway through where you purchased it, if you're lucky and they give you one, normally they'll stand by you, and it does help if you've done a lot of previous business through them, at worst you may have to go through the M/B manufacturer.
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