ASUS P5N32SLI Deluxe Ram Slot quit working?

Intel 950D
ASUS P5N32-SLI Deluxe
2 x Giel PC@-5300 (1 DIMM in slot A1, 1 DIMM in slot B1: dual channel config)
2 x GeForce 7800 GT
WinXP Pro SP2 etc

last night system locked up. Rebooted and would not POST. Tried a bunch of things that did not work. I took the DIMM out of slot B1 and system POSTed and booted fine. So i figure that the DIMM must have gone bad.

As a check, I took the 'newley deemed bad' DIMM and put it in RAM slot A1 and the system POSTed and booted fine. I put the other DIMM in slot B1 (with other DIMM in A1) and no POST.

I then put 1 DIMM in A1 and the other in A2 and the system posted and booted well. Of course, I get no dual channel this way.

So, did the B1 slot go bad for some reason? Anybody see this issues before?

any input would be welcomed.



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  1. Time to RMA the board.
    This is not uncommon for the P5N32 SLI Deluxe board although it usually looses the pci e X16 slot 1
    I have rma'd more of these boards than I care to reveal
  2. thanks for the input. I figured as much. I didn't know of it was normal to lose slots like this.
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