Ive lost system restore ???

Im running windows 7 ultimate and i use kaspersky internet security.whole system runs fine but when i go to use system restore it says "there was an unexpected error in the property page"..."system restore encountered an error.please try to run system restore again.(0x81000203).i googled it and it says to make sure volume shadow thingy is enabled.it is.i stopped it and then started it again.Is it something to do with my Kaspersky or what ???.I manage to keep backups of my registry often using "registry clean expert" but i want system restore back.Any ideas anyone ?????.
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  1. kevin, system restore is good but it dosnt allways work

    your much better off buying a cheap external harddrive then clonning your main hdd

    then if it breaks restore it

    there are many of these programs that will do it in a boot enviroment (thats booting from a disk and not loading in windows)

    soem of the more popular ones are

    norton ghost
    acronis true image

    but there are many free alternatives out there as well
  2. thanks for the advice.Im using 2 sata hard drives at the mo.an 80gb with windows and some apps on and a 300gb slave which has all my music ,pics,movies and games stored and installed too.the 300gb slave is full bar 12bg.I was thinking of buying a 1TB samsung to use as my slave and then use the 300 GB as master,after transferring all files across to 1TB.Would it be best for me to "split" ,partition the 300gb into 2 x 150gb and use it that way ???.ie use half for the working operating system and the other half as the clone or "ghost". or do you think that when i can afford it to have a dedicated external drive for clonning???.have looked into clonning but i think i will need about 80gb for a ghost image or there abouts.thanks again .Kevin.
  3. i would say, buy a 1tb hdd

    partition it something like,

    max of %40 for sytem then %60 for data

    for my setup im using 2 hard drives, 1 * 2tb partitioned 400gb for system then rest for data

    then ive got an old 1tb i use for backup

    dont keep backups on same hardrive as systm, otherwise if hdd breaks say bye bye data

    stay with internal hdd's there cheaper and it makes it faster when cloning or anykind of data transfer

    (you dont really need more than 2 or 3 clones, i keep more becasue i have the spare space and im slightly paranoid)
    when your cloning your computer (if you go that route) make sure to use the max compression the program supports
  4. Brilliant advice .the best advice always sounds so obvious and simple once youve been told.Thanks.of course now i will put the clone on a seperate hdd.Nice one shanky.Regards.Kevin.funny how these threads work,there i was worried about not having system restore and now ive learnt some crucial information about cloning.Cheers.
  5. im glad i could help kevin

    remember you want to do a cold boot backup, otherwise you will be there allday

    (that means you boot from a dvd/cd to backup)

    if you get norton only install till you get the recovery cd then uninstall and just pop the recovery cd in the dvd drive

    restart then either go into bios and put dvd before hdd as first boot device or press a key like escape key

    this will boot into there recovery enviroment and you can backup from in here and it is much quicker

    dont be tricked into doing a backup from within windows, its slow and it slows down your computer
  6. For winows 7 - Simple. Use windows backup to image your C drive (You can also create a restore disk, or use a Win 7 Installation . Windows 7 added this feature.

    OR is this what you are having a problem with, If so just turn off offending program while doing the clone of C drive. Cheaper than buying a cloning software.
  7. chief, that's why i sugested programs like clonezilla

    windows backup is too slow, you need a coldbackup program otherwise you are going to be waiting hours for it to finish

    its a much better idea to go with a dedicated program than with something like win7 where it is just a checkbox feature

    sure it is going to work well, but you will never have the support or the help that you get from a dedicated piece of software and most you dont have to install either
  8. It is cause because of kaspersky mesh with system restore in some case,i face this problem when i set kaspersky every programme goes to the high restricted.Then i uninstall kaspersky & install again & leave every setting by default & system restore working well as it should be.
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