Using a wide screen LCD monitor??

Do you think using a wide screen LCD monitor will cause problems when playing some games?Because some games don't support a wide screen resolution.
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  1. Quote:
    Do you think using a wide screen LCD monitor will cause problems when playing some games?Because some games don't support a wide screen resolution.

    Hey Rair,
    I DO know that many of the newer games support a wide screen resolutions. I read somewhere on another forum when a poster was asking about that and the reply was something to the effect of opening up the game console and entering a script to enable this feature.

    Unfortunately I don't know what the answer to that was, but I do know it can be done. Let's say it was for COD2.....I think all you would have to do is go to the game forum for that game and post the question if it's not ALREADY in a "STICKY". Cuz if you think about it, widescreens have been mainstream now for quite some time and there is NO DOUBT that question has come up time and again and has been SOLVED by now.

    I'm positive that problem has been solved by the techies by now :wink:

    Try "googling" ie "widescreen resolutions Fear" for example and you will probably get tons of hits on that subject. I plan on getting a widescreen myself once I recover from the cost of my rig :P

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  2. No. After a few days you won't even notice the stretching.
  3. I have just purchased a widescreen and almost all the games I have loaded in have supported widescreen. HL2, Dark Messiah demo, NR2003, Company Heroes demo, COD2 all supported widescreen. However, America's Army does not support widescreen.
  4. I have screen of 1680x1050. When I play game which doesn't support this resolution, I use 1280x1024 and NO resize. although part of the screen is wasted, it still works well
  5. The only game I own that doesn't allow for a proper widescreen resolution and aspect ratio is Battlefield2. F.E.A.R., Doom3, Half-Life2, Age of Empires III, Far Cry, Hitman: Blood Money, UT2004, and Trackmania Nations all have widescreen support of some sort.
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  9. Come on now, just because someone else is a jerk it doesn't mean we can't all play nice.

    To the OP's question, in a word, yes.

    The more in depth answer: Sometimes, it depends. Some modern games don't support widescreen (CivCity Rome, I'm looking right at you), and you monitor might adapt by stretching the screen. That isn't really a problem, as you get used to it quick and it doesn't affect gameplay. I expect this will be less common as widescreens will be more common in the future.

    Lots of older games don't support it because there was nothing like a widescreen monitor until a couple years ago. How this is resolved is depending on if the game can be windowed (which will be fine) or only runs in full screen. If it's fullscreen only (say like X-COM) then you may have problems, as it won't be black bars down the sides, but (if my experience is anything to go by) instead off one side with some beyond the screen, rendering the game pretty much unplayable. So your retro gaming days might be afflicted by disfunctional full-screen settings.
  10. Go to and look for the games that you play.

    If supported then do not worry. If not then do not worry.

    As stated most widescreens will allow for a down res.

    My 20.1" 1680x1050 works well with nearly everything I play.

    UT2k4 has native support COD too. COD UO != supported (go figure).

    Once you go widescreen you will not go back especially with multiple document handling.
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