How can i protect my external hard drives?....

Hi all,

I've just brought a couple of external USB drives for my machine and want to find a way to protect the ircontents so someone can't just plug the drives into their own machine and stealth the contents....

Anyone got ideas on any software/hardware that might solve my problem?

Thanks in advance.
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  1. Try StorageCrypt 2.

    I never used it so I can't say how good it is.


    Do you have lot of movies, audios, documents on portable drive and care about someone accesses your data by stealth ? StorageCrypt is the solution. StorageCrypt allows you to encrypt and password protect removable and fixed drives, including USB drives, Memory Sticks, Flash cards , PCMCIA drives and more . It uses 128 bit AES encryption for maximum security and does not store the password on the removable device. Once encrypted, the removable drive can not be opened on any computer . StorageCrypt can work on public partition . You may take it to anywhere on the fly without the software installed on each machine.

    You are one lucky man hahahahaha

    Actually, I don't know how well they work, but one deal one day, and you posted this the day they had it.

    Otherwise, just use a software encryption program, although that could be annoying due to the time it takes and the fact that if someone really wanted to, they could break through it software wise. Then again, nobody's stopping someone from going medievel on these locks.
  3. lol - lovin those locks!!

    I'll probably look into the encryption software and see how that performs. tbh I'm not to worried about the CIA or anyone like that getting into my drives just the person sat next to me getting hold of years worth of work whist my back is turned!

    Thanks for the replies guys, much appreciated!
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