Windows doesn't allow idle time less than one minute !?

Hi. I was trying to configure Win2K to automatically disconnect after 2 seconds (I'm using a time limited DSL package from my ISP). But I stumbled on the dialer only allowing idle times in MINUTES!! If I don't get around this I won't be able to spare my paid internet hours while I'm not downloading anything (i.e. while I'm reading pages).
Can anyone help on this one ?

Cheers and a great Christmas to all.

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  1. Set ur browser to disconnect after closing and downloading proggies. That would do ti.
  2. Hi. I actually made a mistake while typing. Windows doesn't allow maximum idle times in seconds, only minutes!!!
    Seting up my browser to disconnect after closing/downloading won't disconnect if I just load a web page and read it for 1 or 2 minutes.
  3. Pony up and buy an unlimited package.. :D

    Cause it's a headache to do what you're trying to do.. it's not really meant for that. keep on manually doing it.
  4. What's not meant for that, windows or the internet access package ?
    I know some other platforms allow it, there must be a way of doing it in windows too, maybe getting a 3rd party dialer ? I just though there would be another more straighforward way of doing it.
  5. DSL is an always on type connection.. you'd have to manually do it. I'm sure there is a 3rd party piece of software out there that will keep disconnecting for you.. I can't imagine it to be in heavy demand so I wouldn't know where to find one.

    Good luck on it.. sounds like more a headache than what it's worth. You could just start unplugging your network cable, maybe disable your network connection when you're done.. it's about the same as disconnecting.
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