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Windows doesn't allow idle time less than one minute !?

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December 24, 2005 5:50:28 PM

Hi. I was trying to configure Win2K to automatically disconnect after 2 seconds (I'm using a time limited DSL package from my ISP). But I stumbled on the dialer only allowing idle times in MINUTES!! If I don't get around this I won't be able to spare my paid internet hours while I'm not downloading anything (i.e. while I'm reading pages).
Can anyone help on this one ?

Cheers and a great Christmas to all.


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December 24, 2005 6:27:43 PM

Set ur browser to disconnect after closing and downloading proggies. That would do ti.
December 25, 2005 7:14:49 PM

Hi. I actually made a mistake while typing. Windows doesn't allow maximum idle times in seconds, only minutes!!!
Seting up my browser to disconnect after closing/downloading won't disconnect if I just load a web page and read it for 1 or 2 minutes.
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December 27, 2005 2:00:16 PM

Pony up and buy an unlimited package.. :D 

Cause it's a headache to do what you're trying to do.. it's not really meant for that. keep on manually doing it.
December 28, 2005 10:38:09 AM

What's not meant for that, windows or the internet access package ?
I know some other platforms allow it, there must be a way of doing it in windows too, maybe getting a 3rd party dialer ? I just though there would be another more straighforward way of doing it.
December 28, 2005 11:59:50 AM

DSL is an always on type connection.. you'd have to manually do it. I'm sure there is a 3rd party piece of software out there that will keep disconnecting for you.. I can't imagine it to be in heavy demand so I wouldn't know where to find one.

Good luck on it.. sounds like more a headache than what it's worth. You could just start unplugging your network cable, maybe disable your network connection when you're done.. it's about the same as disconnecting.