Using desktop card as workstation card?

Ok so I heard about some guy using like a Geforce card to work with workstation apps without any sort of performance hit. How exactly would one take a Gefore card and make it able to work as a Quadro and a Geforce?
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  1. It's called soft-modding, it is mostly using different sorts of drivers to fool the card into giving the options and enhancements of Quadro cards.

    I got it to work on my GeForce FX 5600, benchmarked it before and after using SPECviewperf. It ran at about 1fps before and about 6-8fps after the soft-mod.

    I remember that is was a pain to find the drivers and took about an hour to install, also games performance went down. The performance isn't as good as a real dedicated quadro card but it will help.

    Here's an article on Guru3D that explains how to do it.
  2. Cool, much thanks to you man.
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