Random card VS. Random card question.

^^I think there's a reason why this thing exists.^^

"should I upgrade" Yes if you have money and want higher frames/rates.
No. if you dont already have current gen or close to it. or have little cash.
Video cards become cheaper with age, unlike wine and fine pieces of art.

"My card is showing artifacts" 1. Are you aggresivly overclocking your video card? 2. Is your core temps above the recommended limit for your card (research your card and get to know it) 3. Do you have a cheap PSU that came your case? or if the Amps are not sufficient for the video card (on the side of your PSU under 12volt rail. and check the specs for the video card)

If you answer no to these then your video card prolly needs to be sent back.

I have been looking at the forums for awhile and seen the VS. card thing all the time. Practically nobody suggests the VGA Charts.


And yes. I'm bored. and I don't wanna play WoW.
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  1. Most likely you are right - but some people prefer the opinion of others above that of a chart. Dunno why though.

    I tend to research a product on the web myself, Jimmy likes to ask the question on a forum because he values the input, or he needs reassurance on the $500 product he's about to spend he's well earned cash on (assuming alot here...)
  2. Personal insight on a card from another person can be a great tool.
    Like comparing a card with a 128bit to a 256. "most bang for your buck" there are sticky's that show that.

    But most people are biased on what card they favour.
    asking a person wheather to get a ATI over a NVIDIA card.
    Well get [insert] card over [insert] card cuz it's better on benchmarks.
    Well get [insert] card over [insert] card cuz it's less of a power-hog.

    $500 is alot of money!
    When it boils down to it. you and only you is gonna buy and use the card. Do research and stick with it.
  3. Quote:
    Personal insight on a card from another person can be a great tool.

    The problem with personal insight, most people only have 1 card, therefore how can and 1 individual have an insight on performance, sure they can pick prices, and come up with a decision based on some kind of price / performance, but in the end the only place where all the cards can be weighed against each other properly are the VGA charts.

    Its about time someone said (again), use the resources that you have at your disposal, then start asking people...
  4. I understand the frustration that people in the business go thru when the same questions are repeated over and over again with many answers at your fingertips thru an online search. Heck, even i'm sick of the conroe or x2 processor question.

    However, in argument for the other side, it's equivalent to you walking into a doctors office, having the doctor diagnose you with cancer and then me saying "Well buddy, i told you your problem. Why don't you go do some research online and tell me what treament you would like to use and i'll prescribe it". Some people are clueless when it comes to technology and just want 'professional' opinions. Others are just downright lazy. The good thing about forums: we can choose to avoid answering these questions and leave it to those who don't mind. In our paid professions, we cannot make such comments back to our clients.
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