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Yo, this isnt exactly tomshardware appropriate but i figured i'd try anyways. I've got a Samsung 2GB mp3 player that i need to sell for cash, i tried ebay and apparently no one is interested. Figured i would give this a shot... Its the
YP-Z5QB Model.

There is the link to the exact product. Its black as well, Basically brand new. I got it and never even used it. I've just been so damn busy with work/school i havent even got around to mess with it, plus i need cash badly. Anywho, its just the player itself. The box got thrown away by captian dumbass (friend) who thought it was garbage. . . Unfortunatley, everything got tossed with it. And by everything i mean just the CD for installation and the USB cable that came with it. It works and still has the protective cover over the screen. Anyone interested PM me and we can work something out im sure.
Thanks guys
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