Best Place For Components - Here, or over there?

Hi - I'm pricing out a computor, and have currently looked at NewEgg and ZipZoomFly - any other sites that cater to hombuilders, with good prices, that you've had good experiences with?

Tentantive Build, NewEgg

(Ignore the 19" Monitor, going with the 22")

Going to ZipZoomFly, I've noticed that I can get the:

Patriot Memory -- $70 less
Antec 650 PSU -- $40 less

Most else is either the same or a bit more. I like the Free Shipping of ZZF, (Yes, I realize TANSTAAFL) - this sometimes makes their products cheaper.

Any other sites I should be looking at?

Comments on the build? Idea is future upgradeability, when Vista and Vista-based DX10 games come out or what not; I figure in about a year I can upgrade the GPU, OverClock the C2D (watercool, if necessary) and have a couple more years of life out of it.

Then theres the upgrade path to Intel's Quad Cores in the future as well.

Opinions on the 22" SamSung? Have a 19" CRT now, and am worried about ghosting/blurring in FPS...

GPU is kinda lame, but expect to upgrade in about 8-12 months so it should get me by.

Ok, enough babble; advice appreciated!
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  1. Because I live in the northeast, newegg is rarely an option for me anymore. I save on shipping and tax when I get all my components from Zipzomfly.

    One thing I don't like about your build, more over about Asus, is that board is over priced and a rip off. Something is not right when your spending the same amount on your mobo as your Video Card. Try downgrading to a more conservative mobo, your wont regret it. Then take the savings and bump your video card.
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