$150 Wireless Router/access point suggestions please

OK... I need a router that can support all 4 switch ports going with several wireless connections (PSP, laptop, 3 lanparty computers) with a huge range. I need somthing that is going to be super stable and wont reset or quit on me when I put a load on it (lots of p2p connections on several machines).

I would also like somthing with great security featurs for the wireless, for there are a couple of IT's that live close to me and would realy love to take advantage of an unsecured router! I know I love to take my PSP down the street and download stuff off the neighbors unsecure internet connection 8)

Any suggestions?
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  1. Well, I'm a die hard linksys fanboy when it comes to inexpensive home stuff so my first suggestion would be a WRT54G. Next on the list would have to be the Buffalo WLA2-G54L. I mainly use those for bridges at work but it should make a damn fine accesspoint. One of those is feeding internet to an entire site of around 100 computers at the moment.
    I've also had good luck with the buisness line netgear products. The FWG114P might also be a good choice.
    Go with which ever one of those can be found at a local retailer so you can return it if it doesn't work out ;)
  2. http://www.jiwire.com/linksys-srx400-wireless-router-WRT54GX4-product-review-1.htm

    Wow.. That thing looks like a beast! over 200mbit connections too! Over 100mbit at a fair distance! Holy crapola! 8) I will keep looking though, but I think that is right up my alley! But will it be able to handle all of the wireless traffic though and still maintain good speeds?
  3. Thats the new version of the WRT54G. Because that thing has MIMO and SRX you will want to get a linksys MIMO card that has SRX for each computer connecting to it. Past experience has shown me that MIMO accesspoints dont like non MIMO wifi cards very much.
    This is the one I'm thinking of:
    It has been out a long time so it is battle hardened ;) There are also many modded firmwares avaliable to give it extra features.
  4. Hmmm... I think that will do for now... At least untill the 802.11n technology comes out 8) . Not to mention is a lot cheaper :!:

    Thanks buddy.
  5. I read that they made a cheaper one with Non-opensource firmware and labeled it with that..

    I think this is what you wanted to show me?


    Edit: Seems to have a stonger signal output and from what I have read, 3rd party firmware can boost it a bunch 8) I like it already :D
  6. Ugg! I keep reading that linksys has a problem with dropping internet connections... I have had plenty of that crap with my befsr41...
  7. If you have had bad luck in the past with linksys then you might want to stay away. When it comes to little home routers they are all nearly the same so go for the brand you have the most luck with. One of my friends had a bad habbit of running 10-20 torrents at once but his WRT54G hasn't died yet. The only dead one I've seen had the wrong ac adapter plugged into it causing a bit of cooking ;)
    Its been a bit since I last went for one so i wasn't aware of that crummy v5. Now that I've read a bit that GL seems to be a good way to go if you want to give linksys another shot.
    Otherwise go for the Buffalo or Netgear buisness line. The only major downfall of the buffalo I can think of would be wireless range (probably 50-60ft or so indoors). However, that is easily remedied via the external antenna jack if you shell out for an antenna upgrade.
  8. Yeah, I have a habbit of plugging in cords if they fit without checking the voltage! I think I just may go with the GL and get some 3rd party fimware if I run into the problems.

    Thanks 8)
  9. I'm looking for the best wireless routers for home use. I need password protection, use of just one or two computers and RELIABILITY. I use Time Warner cable and have an IBM computer with a built in wireless card.

  10. The best of the best would probably be the Cisco 1811W, if you want to spend $1500 on a home router ;)
    If you dont want to spend $1500 and you dont have any attachment to a peticular brand (linksys, netgear, dlink, etc) I'd start with a linksys. See if a local place sells the linksys WRT54GL. Until you find a company you like I'd try to buy local so you can do returns easily. All of the home line routers are basically the same, it is just a matter of finding a brand you like. If you want to be guarenteed a better router pay a bit more and go for the buisness line from netgear or dlink such as the netgear FWAG114.
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