I'm having problems burning with my LITE-ON DVDRW SHW-160P6S. I've tried every type of CD's and DVDs with no success, I keep getting an error while burning. If you can help I would appreciate it, I have a project due next week...

LEE JR :cry:
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  1. Thanks for the reply. I'm using Nero 7 Ultra. I think I figured it out. I have two burners and I did some reading and it informed me disable one of them since I have them running off one cable and something else to do with the DMA and PIO. Well, I have disable one of my burners through my device manager and the additional burner is now working like a champ; no coasters. My system is a bit dated but I have update the RAM to 1GB, new video card and wireless internet card along with the XP home version; Oh, 80GB hard drive... My processor is 1.6 clock speed. So far I have made some serious burning since I done the above and I'm cooking with fire. I would have preferred to burn from one drive to the other but I'll continue to use a temp file on my external hard drive and transfer from there. I refuse to purchase onother system until I cannot do anything else with this one, it's like an old car, you get to love it even with the defects. Thanks again...
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