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I had my main drive crash on me. I replaced it and everything is up and running. However one of my other drives that was working, and was used only as storage, now isn't being recongized by my new Windows install. So, I have since added a partition through Windows admin tools. I have also "quick formatted" the drive and it is now being read OK by Windows but absolutely nothing is showing up. I have a ton of files I need to get back. Since I've chosen the quick format I know that nothing has overwritten these files as of yet. I've used plenty of file "undeleters" but they all seem to read via windows not the actual disks themselves. So my question is does anyone know a program that can do this? Basically make the drive read and write to another disk automatically no matter what it's reading or show what's actually on the platters? As much as I wish I could afford a recovery service it's not an option. Partition Magic also wasn't any help. I'm running XP SP1 and am trying to recover a Maxtor 160G drive. (Maxtor's software doesn't help either)
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  1. What was your file system ?
    NTFS or FAT32 ?

    What is your current file system ?
  2. NTFS both old and new and I've made sure the partitions have had the same drive letter assigned also. I just got done trying PC Inspector and that hasn't found anything either.
  3. Have you tried GetDataBack for NTFS ?
  4. No....I hadn't heard of it. I'll give it a try and post back.
  5. Also try;


    Best of luck with getting your data back!
  6. So I used GetDataBack 3.03 for NTFS and it worked! Thankyou, thankyou. Incidentally I still didn't get anything with the new version of PC Inspector.

    ****Now I can put that dynamite away that I was really getting ready to use on my misbehaving drive****** 8O
  7. >dynamite

    Pff, all that will do is throw it into the air - which may be amusing, but won't be as effective as thermite (to make holes in it), or plastic explosive...

    Although if you could drill a hole in the drive, or maybe unscrew it, open it up, pack dynamite round the platters and then screw it back together. That would explode amusingly...
  8. Well, he get his data back which is a good news already. why bother the dynamite or throw it in the air or other things ?

    I would prefer, open the HDD's case and reinstall it with plexy. It's so nice to see the head going crazy searching those bits...
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