Connection-Problems (maybe Checksum Offloading?!)

i posted my problem on several boards now but no1 could help me so far.
my problem: i got my new pc friday and everything worked fine after i installed everything. but then saturday nothing worked. i tried to play some online games, but i cant do anything cause i have a extreme high ping or i just get dc'ed within a few seconds. when im connected to a server and i alt-tab out of the game, and then alt-tab in after ~3 seconds, my ping suddenly is at 30-50 but it is at 1000++ again after ~3 seconds... i also had a download running in the background once and when i entered a game the downloadspeed fall to around 30kb/s from 230...

i talked to a friend that told me it could be an option called "checksum offloading". i never heard of it but he told me that he also had the same problem like me and when he disabled that option everything was fine. my problem is: i googled it, found where that option SHOULD be, but there is nothing. anybody an idea about where that option could be or if it may is another problem?

my system:
amd 4200+ x2
2gb ram mdt (3200)
samsung 250gb sata2 hdd / samsung dvd-burner
leadtek 7800gtx
asus a8n-sli board

hama w-lan 54mbps card (ralink rt2500)
netgear dg835gb w-lan router

win xp prof. sp2 with all updates

any ideas? :/

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  1. What is your network setup? What kind of router if any?

    Cat 5, wireless, etc?

    To get your ping that high, you have to have something going on heavily over your network. It could be MTU fragmentation - I recommend about 1470 for MTU size on your PC and on your Router.

    Have you run any tests on your ISP connection, or to find out what kind of download/throughput you're pulling?

    What version of OS - SP1 or SP2?

    I doubt checksum offloading is the problem. You can try setting your NIC to 100/full duplex to see if that helps resolve it.

    It might just be you have bad hardware in the mix that is over heating, your NIC might be running at 10/half or something.

    You could have a P2P program running in the background which is killing you?

    List off all the apps you run in the background when you're gaming..
  2. the problem seems to be fixed, ill play some games to be sure. if its not fixed, ill reply again
    it looks like it was the mtu size that caused the problem. already thought so, but i didnt know which number would solve the problem ^^
    it was 1492 and its 1488 now, but ill try it with 1470 too!
    thx for ur reply
  3. Always add 18 to the MTU size.. when the packets are sent, it adds on 18 extra frames or something.. which 1500 would be 1518.. so it would fragment..

    It doesn't hurt to shoot a little lower.. it hurts to go too high though. If 1500 is the max, you want to shoot for 1490s to be safe.. to keep from fragmenting the packets.
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