Which hardware could cause the system to hang in bios setup?

I can no longer start my system. When entering bios setup it will hang after a few seconds. I always get the menu where I can choose to start the system in safe mode, normal mode, last known good configuration etc. when turning the computer on. Regardless of which option I choose the display will go black but the operating system will not be started.

I have reinstalled Windows once and it ran fin for a few days, but then the problem came back again.

What can be wrong here?

Hard drive?
Something else?
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  1. Do you have a spare HDD lying around? if so try loading windows onto it and see if the problem reacurs.
  2. It could be a creeping corruption of your hard drive - where a problem slowly spreads. I suggest reinstalling windows and then running your drive manufacturers checks to see if it's failing - or even just chkdsk!
  3. What did you do before this all happened?
    Did you install any new hardware or software?
    Did you open your case and tuch anything?
    Did you let your kids play with it?
    Did you let your wife play wife tuch it?
    Did you let your friend install something on it?

    It could be your PSU, But I'm just guessing.
    Boot up in safe mode and check out if you are getting any hardware driver problems in your control pannel.

    Pull the battery from your motherboard, and wait a few mins. Teh when your system is working go into your bios and set everything up the way you had it before your problems started.
  4. Yeah this seems to be hardware related obviously. Especially after a reinstall. My guess would be too many lost, corrupted, or failing sectors on your HD. Go purchase another one (whether its some cheapo 20 gig) if you have one laying around and try it. IF it duplicates then go from there.

    I second the HD motion.
  5. I had a similar problem, would stop in Bios, complain about no OS, and generally scare the c**p out of me.

    Turns out the SATA cable wasn't plugged in properly, although thats my working hypothesis after this mornings scare. I've done full scans and the HDD is fine.

    Check the cables, simple, quick and might solve your problem.
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