Well, it's Great To See Intel On Top Once Again!

breaking records left and right, that c2d is mad tite!
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  1. <_<

    . . . yes, i agree?
  2. Good to see you're still alive and havent changed. :lol:
  3. Oh wow a intel troll. Like we need to see one of them. There just as bad as Amd trolls.
  4. so.... what are we supposed to be disscussing here?

    you sir are an ass
  5. its nice to see intel can make something other then crap. You sig to me is a sign of ignorance. AMD is hardly the weakest link in fact if it wasnt for AMD you would most likely never have known intel was making crappy cpus for a while there not to mention you woulda probly been paying up words of $1500 for those poorly made chips. Its a pitty there arent more cpu and video chip makers. Intel has a tack record for making low quality cpus when it comes to clock praformance seems they broke that trend and i look forword to see where they are going with it. Before i consider them to be the "kings" again i want to see a continued production of quality chips. I didnt goto AMD just because they made cheap cpus i wanted to know they were making equaly or faster speed cpus then intel at a 10x less cost then intel. i switched from pentium to amd when athlon came out. If intel makes a better cpu and proves they will stick with the trend ill probly go back to intel. Not exactly sure why i explained any of that I'm assuming from your "thread" and how other people have reacted to you. You are either a fanboy which is sad or a kid that really doesnt know jack about computers either way your opinions if you can call it that is worthless.
  6. Quote:
    breaking records left and right, that c2d is mad tite!

    Yes, this is true --- C2D is a nice chip.

    However, edit your title please, caps really peeve some people off. Action_man will have a field day.

    It's not just the caps, it's the whole thread which is just flame-bait.
    Someone would add, it's also a bit retarded. :lol:
  7. So are we allowed to flame his ass back to whatever hole he crawled out of or do we have to be mature and let him rant on around till he gets dizzy?
    It does have a nice rythme to it. Out of the -100 he got for making this post, he gets a +1.
  8. I didn't think we would ever see meltie around here again. His alter-ego has been pretty busy over at extreme systems lately from what I understand.

    Meltie, you might want to update your sig for the times since nobody in their right mind does AMD / VIA anymore. (he has been using that sig since 2001 btw.)

    Always fun to laugh at the AMD fanbois that take melties bait.
  9. And who would these AMD fanboys be? :roll:
  10. didnt know spotting ignorance made you a fanboy. In fact i been reading alot of his posts around this forum. If i understand the term fanboy correctly this guy would be the in stone defanition of such. His reasoning has no logic put to it other then to try and irritate people. Hes quite childish.
  11. Have I travelled back in time two months?
    My calendar was on the wrong page this morning and saw Richard Hammond walking to the shops.
    It's been a really weird morning.
    Teach me to leave the flux-capacitor on auto.
  12. I have faith that AMD will soon prevail but I must admit the c2d and c2q are nice chips
  13. Quote:
    And who would these AMD fanboys be? :roll:

    Basically anyone that wastes their time trying to explain to AMDMeltdown that he is wrong and they are right. You havent been on these boards long according to your join date, therefore you haven't seen much of meltie as he hasn't done this in a while.

    He used to do it quite regularly. You can do a search for some of his posts from a couple years ago. Pretty funny stuff.
  14. I'm more ammased at the fact hes allowed to even be on this forum. If i was a admin i would have probly banned his account a while ago just readon one page of his posts makes me wonder if he knows anything at all about computers. Ill just assume he doesnt since he hasnt shown it once in all the posts i have read so far.
  15. He actually has an alter ego that also used to participate in intelligent discussions. I wont give him away though. Just think of this AMDmeltdown character as comedy relief and you will be fine
  16. His childishness aside. Its kind of a pain to get awnsers to a thread on this forum. my post http://forumz.tomshardware.com/network/Network-dieing-ftopict22193.html keeps getting views but have yet to get a responce :(
  17. Quote:
    His childishness aside. Its kind of a pain to get awnsers to a thread on this forum. my post http://forumz.tomshardware.com/network/Network-dieing-ftopict22193.html keeps getting views but have yet to get a responce :(

    Shameless plug.
  18. ????
  19. Its a joke, cause you put up a link to a thread you started that has nothing to do with this... person posting. Sorry shoulda put a :lol:
  20. Quote:
    breaking records left and right, that c2d is mad tite!

    I don't like these threads. LOL

    But I must admit.. after reading through my thread it seems that people are not willing to find middle ground on anything. It's like two extreme factions hellbent on attacking each other personally rather then discuss matters intellectually.

    Another thing I've noticed is the almost non-apparent (lack) of respect forum members afford others. My thread highlighted this and it also highlighted the members on both sides, which was it's purpose.

    Members still perceive either Intel or AMD as being better then one another. It's quite disturbing when we see to what great lengths they will go (even tarnishing their own reputation) just to fight in the name of there favourite CPU manufacturer.

    This thread, and those like it represent what is wrong with the PC community.

    The only reason it would be good that Intel is back on top is because it forced CPU prices to drop, for a while we were returning to the Pentium !!! and AMD Athlon days. I for one am happy to see competition in the marketplace. It also stops either company from Inflating prices to the point of being borderline ridiculous.

    Those are my 2 cents.
  21. Quote:
    If there was ever a period that sleeping with gays is good, yeh, I'd do that too you bet!
    Just follow the crowd... and don't be a stand out retard

    Following the ground isn't something I've ever been able to do :P

    I've always done things my way and been true to myself. If I had followed the crowd then I would have done several things differently in my life. I would have let my hair grow long, worn ripped up jeans and attended GnR concerts, I then would have cut my hair shoulder length, smoked lot's of pot and pretended I was depressed listening to Nirvana.. followed by a long stint with bleached blond hair (mushroom cut) listening to the Backstreet Boys and ending with short shaved down bleached hair and a wife beater shirt rapping to Slim Shady.

    But no, I've always preffered doing my own thing. And it's paid off in the end.. :wink:
  22. And now you're going Emo. :twisted: :lol:
  23. You could be glad that Intel has a better alternative now than before, likely even prefer to buy one than the other alternative(s).

    However, that is not what you wrote, that it is great for intel to be back on top again. This is a blatant bias towards Intel not for product but because it's Intel, otherwise there would be no great or bad about it, only the merits of the particular CPU.

    So you are unquestionably trolling and I think you should be banned from the forum. Tom's forum is becoming too littered with trollbait and it is keeping quality posters from participating as much- which is bad for everyone.
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