No sound from my tv when used as a monitor

My 17 inch sony hdtv doesn't out put any sound when used as a pc monitor but works fine with tv. Also it works fine with my laptop but not desktop. Any idea why this is? I have tried it with both the intergrated sound and sound blaser audigy 2 and they are both the same but work fine with headphones or other speckers.

Any help would be great, Thanks.
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  1. More info please, how are you connecting your sound card to the televisions, how are you connecting your graphics board to the television, and please specify under what conditions headphones worked but the tv didn't. If you could just a be a tad more specific, I would love to try and help you out.
  2. The tv is contected through dvi and the sound through a standard pc audio cable. The headphones work when plug directly into the sound card or any extrnal spekers. Also when I conneted my laptop ith was throgh dsub.
  3. hmmm, ok, I've had this problem before actually I don't remember if I ever resolved it, make sure you are using a 1/8 inch versajack aka PC audio cable, to RCA component L/R, make sure you are not outputing digitally, and have set your soundcard in 2.0/2.1 analog. You could also try lowering the sample rate/raising it. On a whim you also might want to uncheck the mute speakers when headphones are plugged in box I know it is an option for the 2zs.
  4. You need something like this:

    Set your computer to 2.0 or 2.1 Analog out, master & wave volume to about 2/3's to 3/4, might have to go full volume, but it might get distorted on the TV. Adjust TV volume like normal.
  5. OMG!!! you mean one of these "1/8 inch versajack aka PC audio cable, to RCA component L/R"!!!!

    I can't remember if HDMI carries audio too, if you your tv might be trying to pick it off HDMI and ignoring the input you are using.
  6. Yes HDMI does carry the audio, so you might well be correct with the assumption that the telly is ignoring all else (my mothers does the same kinda thing)
  7. the tv doesn't have hdmi, just dvi and dsub, the sound works fine when conected through dsub but doesn't work with dvi.
  8. Sounds like your telly is acting as just a moniter when you are connected through DVI and is assuming the audio is routing through an amp i.e surround sound without more info on the telly is difficult to pin down the issue, any chance you could provide a link to the manual?.
  9. Do you have some type of automatic jack sensing software on your desktop that isn't on your laptop? This could be improperly sensing your tv as a mic or not sensing at all. If this is the problem you should be able to manually set the jack to what you need.

    Test your connection by leaving video plugged into your video card but disconnect the audio and plug it into an mp3 player or your laptop and see if the audio plays throught the tv. If it does, the tv is not your problem.
  10. Good point dude, although I'm not the OP but good point.
  11. That doesn't make sense assuming this is all plugged in right, let's say the tv is on video 7, which is the dvi, there should certainly be a corresponding audio input, unless on the tv he has turned the speakers off in favor of a passthrough to a reciever. So if we rule out the possibility that he just plugged it in correctly, than that theory can't really apply. Is this tv a WEGA? I actually own a sony 50 inch lcd hd in the WEGA series, so I'm fairly certain I know what I am talking about.
  12. Well I'm not disagreeing with you or saying you are wrong it's just that my mothers new Phillips telly cuts the sound when the DVI is used I don't know why it just does, so I've asked the OP to post a link to the manual to see if this might shed some light on the matter, I can't experiment with my 26" Sony as it bought the farm about six months ago and did'nt have a DVI anyways.
  13. Weird, I didn't mean to imply that you were some sort of Idiot either (: I just figured that most likely wasn't the problem because my sony doesn't do that. Who knows though?
  14. Oh no offence was taken dude, as you say its a weird one assuming it is all plugged in right. :wink:
  15. Its a 17inch sony hdtv, model number: MFM-HT75W. The funny thing is that the sound works fine through my cmv pc monitor, so it seems its something to do with the tv.
  16. Just get an adapter to go from s-video or DVI to RCA. That should clear up the possibility of it looking for another method of audio input.
  17. DVI will not adapt to composit or svideo, not to mention he would be looking at an over 100 Percent downgrade in IQ.
  18. Am I right in thinking that these are the sockets that you are trying to use :- , on page 7 and if so you should be going from the computers audio out to the corresponding input using a mini stereo jack plug to mini stereo jack plug, how am I doing so far?
  19. yes thats right.
  20. Quote:
    Yes HDMI does carry the audio, so you might well be correct with the assumption that the telly is ignoring all else (my mothers does the same kinda thing)

    But not all tv's are adhering to the standard. Sonys and JVCs are not inputing audio through hdmi. They have separate rca inputs. I've dealt with several pissed off customers on this.

    That said, you likely have the audio coming in through the wrong input.

    Also, check to see if you have the windows audio output muted. Windows will do that sometimes.
  21. Do you have another sound source you can use i.e an mp3 player or something that uses the same lead? if so try plugging that into PC1 audio input, switching over to PC1 with the remote and raising the volume slowly on the mp3 player or whatever you are using just to make sure that you are indeed getting a signal, if you have already tried this and it works then the prob is at the computer end and can only be the wave slider on the volume properties or the output socket on the PC incorrectly sensing the TV as a mic (which has already been pointed out) then you should try and turn off the autosensing feature and try again but if 1/8 jack to 1/8 jack does not work try 1/8 jack to RCA plugs on video 1 or 2 and see if that gives you any joy if it does then you still have the option of going s-video or component but this will mean a crap picture and is not worth the effort.
  22. I know its not the computer as it works if i plug the same cable into my monitor.
  23. Have you tried the autosensing thing? because the telly may be sending a different signal down the cable that your moniter is not, if you have tried this then I would suspect that your telly is on the blink, sorry :(
  24. whats the auto sensing thing? is it the thing called input sensing? if so its off.
    I tried conecting the tv to the computer through dsub and the sound works fine, any other ideas?
  25. If you get sound when you are connected on the D-sub but no sound when connected on the DVI (using relevent 1/8 jack sockets) then I would suspect a dodgy socket on the DVI side.
  26. you know what you could do is buy a cheap surround sound system or if you cant use surround sound with your sound card then just buy some speakers to use with the tv when you hook your pc up to it.

    I bought a $70 surround sound system from logitech that works quite nicely when i hook my pc up to my big screen downstairs. I dont have to plug in to the tv at all i just keep them hooked up to my sound card (xfi xtreme music :) ).
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